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Finished the Agent storyline last night! I’d probably like to continue the binocular stuff and imperial side of Makeb next, but I’d also like to see some of my other characters’ class stories. But I don’t want to do any of the planets again and there’s no way to be able to speed through just doing class stuff unless someone literally speeds you through.

You just won’t get enough experience :/ even with all the boosts. We ended up finishing at level 47.

Also ran into a weird glitch that let us (yes, us) get the Makeb quest early… reported it. Hopefully that is fixed–mostly as my boyfriend won’t be able to get the cutscene on his bounty hunter otherwise :/ Since he’s bound to it from somehow being able to witness my quest.

Anyway…new cartel packs will be out whenever they get the patch out @-@ So that’ll be interesting.


Playing my Agent and doing some Companion stuff. Really sad that I had to kill Rholl. Kaliyo needs to stop being so greedy. Wish I could’ve escaped faster and tried the other choice >< Maybe he'd still be alive then. Back to finishing Death Marks and then hopefully will finish up Belsavis with my boyfriend~ Edit: Yay for the reset button....but now I am being dragged off to Belsavis so I shall have to finish it later 🙁 Edit 2: Finished our story on Belsavis! Also got 2 datacrons. Was nice to actually walk the laser bridge (so scary) instead of crazy cliff jumping. Edit 3: WHY IS A CORTESS AFTER ME? I left your house along! AND YOUR FATHER KILLED YOUR MOTHER FOR BEING EVIL. I DID NOTHING. WHY COME AFTER ME? I've been nice and awesome. You all are liars 🙁 Edit 4: I reset and picked the Light side choice and STILL had to kill the Wookie *depressed* T___T Edit 5: HE LOVED YOU. WHY SO CRUEL, KALIYO? T____T Edit 6: Poor Ona 🙁 ...also I want The Menace's/Ona's armor. Edit 7: WATCHER X WHAT ARE YOU DOING. KEEPER NO. T___T please live. and this has been Mari playing her agent and worrying too much about fictional characters. More updates to come. Edit 8: Oh, and Hunter is a butthole.

Progressing slowly

We didn’t get too much done on our characters yesterday, though, I think Cellina is in the last stretch of her story quest on Belsavis. I was kind of confused though when I got all these letters about SCORPIO from Vector though… Vector, we don’t have her yet 🙁

I’d like to think we’ll be finished with Belsavis the next time we play [those characters].

Dreadtooth, Alts, and things

First of all, I am starting to give up hope on the Tundra Nekarr Cat ever going down 🙁 WHY DOES THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN TO ME? Oh, you have money finally? NOW YOU WILL STILL NOT BE ABLE TO AFFORD IT (and/or never see it in the first place).

Moving on, I really wish I could stalk Dreadtooth for groups. See, these are the things I’d usually do, but he has that stupid debuff to everyone outside the group that pulls and has pretty big aggro range (he chased after me at least 3 times now) so it’s just…not really a great area to watch 🙁 I still need all his codexes though and haven’t even gotten to fight him once… just bleh. If I could camp him and solo him, I’d spend the day doing that–fighting him from 1-5 or maybe higher for testing loot and theories and things. But finding a group of 24 to do that is fairly unlikely. Nobody really cares about those things and I’m sure the cave would be solved if people were up for more experimenting

I don’t really like depending on people so I don’t ask for favors very much. Mostly because there isn’t much I can usually do to repay the person in the first place. Of course, MMOs require a lot of working together…but I’ve noticed most of the time, nobody has that same curiousity that I do. They just shrug it off and that’s it which means I’ll be alone again. Maybe it may be silly, but is there anything wrong with partaking in an adventure every now and then?

Regardless, hopefully we’ll get Amidaia and Revenent done and then we will probably get on Cellina and Valda…. or maybe I can convince him to help Speederisk 1 and 2 *bricked*

But yes, just trying to keep my hopes up… TUNDRA NEKARR CAT GO DOWN ALREADY GOD.

and I still have to finish space missions too…but…space missions ._.

Chapter 2 Finished and onto Belsavis

Though, we will probably stop soon… Anyway, Hunter is a jerkface so there.

Also, SIS Ardun whatever guy was evil. I may have let him live if he didn’t ATTACK ME AND BE A JERK. But I trapped him behind a door and watched him get murdered by some turrets. jerkface.

I feel bad for Saber and Wheels though. They were nice and not jerkfaces. I hope they made it out okay.

Moving on, FREEDOM. yaaaaaaaaaaay. Thank you Watcher X. Sorry I killed you 🙁 but remember, I didn’t want to!

At least the brainwashing was a noble motive from Old!Keeper. I knew you cared deep down.

Also, my Agent is apparently now dating Vector? Didn’t see that coming, but just picked whichever I felt fit her and it ended up happening. However, what REALLY surprised me is when he actually became human for a bit! Didn’t know he could do that. Was kind of cool. …didn’t expect him to have green eyes though.

I figure I’ll probably do that for every one of my characters… with the exception of Roseria because Iresso is a creepy stalker and Aurorra who I’ll be going for Torian regardless and I refuse to believe he is 18 (even though I know it is official) 😐 because he just seems so much older.


…as much as I am enjoying the Agent story though, I miss playing on Mari and having a parade of pets 🙁

also, thrones seem to have gone up a bit again

Hoth is done~ + Boxes

So, I finished Hoth on Cellina last night. Looking forward to completing Chapter 2 today. I just want to get her story done and see the end @-@ I just wish I didn’t have to do so much other stuff besides the story quests to get there :/

In a different note, this article pretty much gets why I hate Cartel Packs so much and I recommend reading it! I do agree with the solution… I’ve said it many times myself I wouldn’t mind paying extra afterall. And for another idea, even making it so you can also get it ingame somehow (after a challenging quest of course) would be nice…but if they have to keep it pay to cash, just give people the option to buy the item, even if it’s a bit higher priced.

…but nope. :/

There’s just… no good reason for those kinds of things, to be honest. You can’t even honestly say to give people who like surprises something to have fun with as there’s no reason you can’t just do the “items are sold for this much but you can try your luck with this cheaper box if you’d like” if that was true.

And that makes me so sad. v-v At least they aren’t permanently bound though… why I’m still here.

PVP + Hoth

So, did some PVP today @-@ Kind of have to as much as I hate it… Duhtect brought me along by mistake, but I did a few matches before Mar-gon had me hop onto Cellina as I promised I’d play with him some more 😛

At the moment, most of our time has been spent camping Dootu Mu Bacha to try and get the RD-17A Hellfire Helmet that my boyfriend really wants for his bounty hunter. Sadly, no luck yet. We’ve seen two people also camping so far, but they was some Sorcerer top.

Anyway, just questing along inbetween (as you can only do 3 times in a row) and hopefully we will get more story done @-@

The Foundry finished

So, I was playing on Cellina and we decided to try the Foundry again… after forever (we had several people rejecting the group), we finally got a group together!

HK-47 is such a horrible fight. Seriously. Thankfully, the tank and DPS were very nice about how much I suck as an operative. Barely had to heal at all during the fight with Revan besides his rockfall attack which was kind of sad with how evil HK was. …regardless, I’m glad as I’d rather not see that fight again. Getting HK-51 on Amidaia won’t be very fun.

The Foundry definitely feels harder to me than Maelstrom does which I find interesting. @-@ Although, more frustrating if anything. At least it’s done now so we shall be focusing on Hoth!

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates it :3 <3