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Chapter 2 Finished and onto Belsavis

Though, we will probably stop soon… Anyway, Hunter is a jerkface so there.

Also, SIS Ardun whatever guy was evil. I may have let him live if he didn’t ATTACK ME AND BE A JERK. But I trapped him behind a door and watched him get murdered by some turrets. jerkface.

I feel bad for Saber and Wheels though. They were nice and not jerkfaces. I hope they made it out okay.

Moving on, FREEDOM. yaaaaaaaaaaay. Thank you Watcher X. Sorry I killed you 🙁 but remember, I didn’t want to!

At least the brainwashing was a noble motive from Old!Keeper. I knew you cared deep down.

Also, my Agent is apparently now dating Vector? Didn’t see that coming, but just picked whichever I felt fit her and it ended up happening. However, what REALLY surprised me is when he actually became human for a bit! Didn’t know he could do that. Was kind of cool. …didn’t expect him to have green eyes though.

I figure I’ll probably do that for every one of my characters… with the exception of Roseria because Iresso is a creepy stalker and Aurorra who I’ll be going for Torian regardless and I refuse to believe he is 18 (even though I know it is official) 😐 because he just seems so much older.


…as much as I am enjoying the Agent story though, I miss playing on Mari and having a parade of pets 🙁

also, thrones seem to have gone up a bit again