In which I am completely unprepared and this should surprise no one.

While we had planned to get some experience lined up and have the game running to start patching, due to general allergy suffering of sneezing your brain out and general craziness in real life besides that, things haven’t really worked out. I still have yet to even find a chance to go to Gamestop and Best Buy to check for cards 🙁 Which I really want to do as everyone has been so nice and I want to throw cards at you all. T~T

As it is, several things have made me feel sad getting on, such as:
1. Incomplete pet collection
2. Feeling uncomfortable whenever I get on due to hate.
3. Just general discouragement with the way certain things are done. I’ve made enough rants on raids and how I wish HM and NM were solely for gear and didn’t have vanity items attached to them so I will resist breaking into that again.
4. Still hating the Reputation and Achievement systems. <-- this one tends to confuse people a lot, so I will explain. More or less, I do not mind them specifically, but my main issues with the reputation system are: 1. It's a late system and the fact that it had to be mixed with past things. I really wish it was just the Gree event and then continued to Makeb. I think Makeb does the system great, but them trying to force in on past things is just kind of annoying. ----This is especially apparent where with Voss, you have to repeatedly do a quest for the 4 heroics for reputation. ----I know they have quest logs. I have asked Customer Support before if I have done a quest when I can't get it to appear because there sadly are not visible quest logs for members and have gotten an answer everytime. There is no reason they couldn't have credited people based on the quests they did. 2. The Limit per week. I would think the reputation system is so you play more by torturing yourself re-doing things and the limit kind of pauses that? I get that it probably is made to extend time, but it really makes it hard to bother. Kind of like when I was hunting for pets–the 2 times a week for raids sucked–at least make story mode constant =( not like gear in those modes is anything helpful. Or you know, just stop putting vanity stuff in raids–that’d be nice. Story for the story and HM and NM for gear grinding. And then I can just do my story and never see them again 😀 Moving back to my original sentiment, I repeatedly did Lost Island all day until I got my midnight Rakling. I was motivated. I was ready. This takes my ready and tosses it out the window.
3. The fact that we can’t purchase ahead of time and just not be able to activate it until the rank. I’m a paranoid person after seeing past things be removed and due to the limit, I can’t even do a rush of urgency. It just makes me feel there’s no hope whatsoever.
4. The space missions only being for HM space missions. Ignoring that I feel it should be general Republic/Imperial stuff for any quests in relation to those, the fact that it’s not all the space missions stinks. I can’t even DO the HM space missions 🙁

I think the Achievement system does do a better job overall–with it actually taking account of what you’ve done, but parts of it just frustrate me a lot. And I can see myself torturing myself to try and get it done.

and no, Duhtect, I won’t sell you my crate. Stop it. XP

but yes, I have my new tree up (and hopefully can rush to 55 so I can get it set). For those curious, it is as follows:
Seer: 36, Telekinetics: 5, Balanced: 0

Starting from the bottom of Seer, left to right:
2 – 3 – 2
1 – 1/2 – 2
2 – 1 – 2 – 2
1 – 2 —– 0
0 – 1 – 2 – 2
0 – 3 – 1

Telekinetics, from the bottom:
0 – 2 – 3

I plan to put my remaining 5 points in:
1 more in Pain Bearer to re-have 2/2 in it.
2 again in Will of the Jedi (the bottom row, all the way to the right in Balance)
and 2 again in Telekinetic Defense (2nd row, all the way to the right)

which will bring my tree back to what it was + new skills. I still think it’s stupid it expanded wide instead of up, but whatever… I will probably do Will of the Jedi (2), 2 in Telekinetic Defense, and then my last 1 in Pain Bearer.

Edit: Okay, can officially say I’m annoyed at achievements due to so many needing to be redone -_-

The Foundry finished

So, I was playing on Cellina and we decided to try the Foundry again… after forever (we had several people rejecting the group), we finally got a group together!

HK-47 is such a horrible fight. Seriously. Thankfully, the tank and DPS were very nice about how much I suck as an operative. Barely had to heal at all during the fight with Revan besides his rockfall attack which was kind of sad with how evil HK was. …regardless, I’m glad as I’d rather not see that fight again. Getting HK-51 on Amidaia won’t be very fun.

The Foundry definitely feels harder to me than Maelstrom does which I find interesting. @-@ Although, more frustrating if anything. At least it’s done now so we shall be focusing on Hoth!

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates it :3 <3

Mari continuing to play Cellina







be happy I still care and am a nice person and like helping people T__T even if you’re a lying two-faced jerk.

also, Watcher X get out of my head, like I don’t remember your voice. I’d love to know how you’re still alive though, but I guess I didn’t really want to kill you anyway *shrug*



Got to go into TfB today surprisingly. I wasn’t supposed to but something came up so I was brought along.

Unfortunately, this will also be my last go. Not just because I will be busy tomorrow (not that I’d have been taken to go on 8-man anyway), but because 3 sages is just not…good to take on HM 16-man TfB. I’ll just glare about the nerf I guess and wish I was a better healer so that wouldn’t matter. But I suppose I won’t ever be good enough and thus, my Deep Wriggler dreams will be put off much much longer 🙁 (and my stress will grow and I shall probably get more sad)

On a happier note, Prongs is awesome and helped me get this beautiful legacy ship stuff and I wish I could be as happy as I should be (and I know I’ll be ecstatic later), but right now, I don’t think anyone would believe these tears are “happy”.


and why can’t sages be considered as awesome as scoundrels and commandos ._.

Even if I may have improved from those stupid nerfs for sages/sorcerers during 1.2 and even if one is kind of less horrible with the upcoming new heal for sages (sadly, the nerf to Deliverance still exists giving the “main” healing class the slowest big heal), everytime I hear how much sages suck compared to another healing class and/or how much better healing scoundrels/commandos are, a little bit of my heart breaks.

It just kind of sucks. I feel really bad for anyone who can’t play how they like. My thirst for discovery continues, but I can’t help and feel a little demotivated every time I hear things like that.

Test server + 1.4 Patch Notes are up!

For the patch notes 🙂 Currently patching on my computer and downloading on my laptop as we speak. Only disappointment is it looks like no character transfers…which is really depressing T__T (Also, looks like no new pets officially mentioned…however, that doesn’t mean much. I kind of hope not though as we have enough mysteries on our hands with the Wonderous/Wondrous Egg/Orochick and who knows what with the Lobelode)

Regardless, some highlights and things I found interesting from the patch notes:
-Obviously Terror from Beyond is out. The new gear is “Dread Guard” (it sounds silly)

-The ground targeting reticule is no longer cleared when a channeled ability completes channeling. (Very nice. This was always a bit frustrating/confusing in PVP)

-Players no longer receive the error message “You cannot cast while moving” when moving, stopping, and then immediately using a ground-targeted ability. (Yay!)

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Final thoughts on Inquisitor/Warrior Storyline + Semi-final on Imperial Story as a whole

So after finishing the Inquisitor Storyline and seeing the full Warrior storyline as my boyfriend played next to me, some final thoughts… I shall start with the Warrior Storyline as my thoughts on that are a bit shorter.

One of my favorite things with it was the fact that the Knight and Warrior Storyline connected in the latter part of it. I thought that was pretty awesome. I would say the Warrior ends a bit more abrupt. After your final battle…that is it while the Sorcerer actually has a couple more scenes. One thing I noticed is that people fight you A LOT. There are several fights where you fight the person 2-3+ times before they finally admit defeat (or you have the option to kill them) which kind of reminded me of how much you get backstabbed in the Jedi Knight storyline.

Backstabbings happen quite a bit on the Imperial side though and if there’s one big thing with the Inquisitor and Warrior storylines…it is pretty obvious. I would say the only thing that came a bit surprising on the Imperial side was Quinn’s betrayal–especially if you romance him. I think a lot of people would’ve killed him though if getting rid of certain companions was still an option. (You know what would be a cool Legacy feature? Choosing the companions you want to have with you out of all the ones you get to 10K.) But yes, even if you may have thought Zash was being really nice, you were constantly being told how she’d betray you. A good twist would’ve been more if she didn’t…but she did and she ended up looking like a creepy zombie and got put into your DaShade.

Then Thanaton doesn’t even give you a chance, taking you to a tomb obviously feels like a trap, and it’s kind of obvious he wants to kill you. Ghosts turning on you, despite being nice to them, is also not too surprising. I would say the Jedi Consular storyline had a bit more shock value–with the first villain being someone you didn’t even know and the next, while I actually guessed it originally (“he always knows who has been hit! and he can get to each of them!”) it was Syo who was the ultimate bad, I was still a bit surprised when it turned out I was right.

Regardless, while the Consular’s ceremony at the end was nice, I thought the end sequences with the Inquisitor were really well done–especially when/if you help the ghosts find peace to go on to Heaven (or whatever you believe is after death!). It’s incredibly interesting and really feels like there is a lot more to come. Also, the Darth title being customized to your alignment is pretty cool too (Amidaia is Darth Imperius).

However, the Thanaton fight was pathetic. While having a zoo attack was awesome (if only I could’ve healed them T__T), Thanaton is a huge coward. He ran away. The fact that he wasn’t killed on sight at the Council… seriously. You challenge and you run? Are you kidding me?

Despite that, I did have fun and I really enjoyed the end.

Now, onto the Imperial Storyline itself. Obviously, I still have to finish up Corellia and Ilum (not to mention see the operation storylines), but I figured I’d at least mention some of my feelings. In general, there is a lot of “why can’t you choose to accept that offer”. There’s many things in that sense that pop up. Other ones are where the choice isn’t very clear–like with the Gormak–setting him free =/= letting him go with the Voss…but according to the choice, it does.

However, the really good thing about the storyline is how much it opens your eyes on just the full story of the game. I’d recommend playing an opposite faction character just for that. Voss is amazing on both sides as they have so much information. Even the stuff with the Colicoids is very interesting. Just lots of neat tidbits you really get to learn by seeing both story lines. Similarly, you see a lot of these connections between the different class storylines that also have a bunch of different things in them–not to mention even contain the answers to some holes.

…however, I will say, those connections still make me sad that the Kira thing was not connected with the Consular storyline somehow–but maybe one of the story lines will help explain exactly where it is that these take place anyway. Could be one just takes place later/after… kind of like how the Inquisitor end is obviously after the Warriors.

Anyway, in short, I enjoyed the Inquisitor storyline, despite how obvious some parts were. Warrior storyline was also pretty interesting. And my only issue with some of the Imperial Storyline stuff is still just some of the options you have 😛

Also, Khem’s ending is adorable. It’s nice how he slowly gains respect for you. Obviously, if you let Zash win (what happens if you help her), the end cutscene is different. I’m happy I let Khem win though. Not helping that backstabbing jerk. And I know Khem cares deep down <3 (And the ending cutscenes with him and his last conversation proved that enough!)

Changes in 1.4

So, this developer blog went up and it is full of all kinds of interesting class changes.

Shall go in order:

-Electro Dart and Cryo Grenade now have a 10-meter range.
-Electrocute and Force Stun now have a 10-meter range.

This…kind of stinks. Our stun is now only 10 meters…I mean, I guess we may be that close in PVE sometimes anyway when we need to stun, but it sucks for PVP.

-Overload and Force Wave have been redesigned. These abilities now knock back all targets within a 15-meter 120-degree cone in front of you. Furthermore, these abilities now knock back all potential targets instantly; they no longer wait for an animation note at the end of the ability animation.

so not good. I can’t aim at all so umm…chances of me hitting someone (which I already had a hard enough time being in range with a full circle) is pretty bad. Also incredibly useless when you are trying to get rid of someone behind you. Yay for at least being instant though but…

Also Resolve changes where if someone is stunned and someone else used it at the same time, it won’t count towards it as it didn’t actually stun the person.

Anyway, now class changes….
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Glitches & Amidaia

So, had an…interesting Long Island run. It definitely didn’t go well, but what was really iffy was during Smash-lava pit guy’s Smash attack… instead of jumping up…he jumped back and knocked us all off 😐 I really need to stop glitching things. *feels like she’s bad luck*

In a different note, Amidaia is level 49! About to get back to playing her right now so hopefully level 50 isn’t far off~ We are slowly making our way through Voss and her story has definitely gotten more and more interesting (even if the betrayals aren’t a surprise).

I think I still prefer Sage more (even if I guessed Syo was evil right away–it actually surprised me when I was actually right), if only because I felt we were able to do more about it. And plus, the overall faction story I disagreed less with some of the options.