Even if I may have improved from those stupid nerfs for sages/sorcerers during 1.2 and even if one is kind of less horrible with the upcoming new heal for sages (sadly, the nerf to Deliverance still exists giving the “main” healing class the slowest big heal), everytime I hear how much sages suck compared to another healing class and/or how much better healing scoundrels/commandos are, a little bit of my heart breaks.

It just kind of sucks. I feel really bad for anyone who can’t play how they like. My thirst for discovery continues, but I can’t help and feel a little demotivated every time I hear things like that.

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  1. they announced the server merges. I guess this means all of the crazy pet hunters on PvE East servers will finally be able to be crazy together!


  2. You’re right, but I spotted this in the patch notes

    The Czerka Crate-o-Matic no longer causes players to become invisible.

    Originally Posted by GeorgZoeller
    There are some very rare items in the game.

    The rarest one of all, at this point, being a very unique Czerka invention that, so far, only two players (out of 1.85 billion loot checks at that level) have looted since the game launched.

    Have you found anything on this?


  3. For the actual subject of this post:

    I always though sages were the best healers! I certainly prefer their AOEs on the receiving end. I don’t know a lot about Smuggler or Command healers other than that Commandos supposedly do more DPS than a healer should. Sage DPS isn’t terrible either though for a healer, at all.


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