no no no no no no no no

so yes.

we are apparently merging. I’m pretty upset. I don’t like the server name “The Shadowlands”. No offense to people on it. I’m just picky and really liked Corellian Run.

I really hope I don’t have to change any names. I feel…more than a little hurt. Broken. Disappointed. Similar words of similarness.

This just…sucks. And it makes no sense either as Corellian Run was the top PVE East Coast server too :/

Gonna go through and see what names I will have to change, if any. I already know Cellina and Aurorra will be taken though. Should I just spell the names correctly (Celina and Aurora) with an accent on a letter or use the odd spellings with an accent or play around with the spellings more or what? I may try spelling Celina with an S or something… I rather not think about it right now though.

may just cry first though.

Edit: “In order to do this, we started by raising the character limit per server to twelve (12). This new limit is applied to all accounts, even those who currently have fewer than eight characters across all servers.”

I guess I can make Speederisk and Speederisk2 at the same time then.

2 thoughts on “no no no no no no no no

  1. Thana Vesh is still my favourite. RIP 🙁

    Man, information overload today. Going to take a SWTOR news break the rest of the day I think, may just play a little.


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