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Livestreaming :P`

So after streaming a weird glitch, I have decided to also stream myself sucking miserably at space missions 😛 And whatever other junk I try.

I even talk a little bit while Prongs lets me know I am horrible at them! 😛 (I’m so sorry)

Edit: Done unless a queue pops up @-@ Then I shall start it again.

1.6 up on PTS

Well…that was fast. Was surprised to see that appear in my inbox! Sadly, no transfers again :/ Regardless, this is the new PVP Warzone–Ancient Hypergates and new space missions…the new space missions sound scary 🙁 Anyway, here’s some highlights from the Patch notes!:

Added a new Level 50 “Introduction to Group Finder” mission to the Daily Mission Terminal on the Republic and Imperial Fleets. This will be granted when players complete the Advanced Gear mission for their Class.

I kind of hope we can do this~ I like new quests and I’m sad when I can’t do a new quest because it’s limited to a lower level :/

Increased Black Hole Commendations awarded by Story Mode Operations in Group Finder from 5 to 10.

I’m sure people will be excited about this. I would be if I didn’t hate dailies with a passion.

Added a new Level 50 “Advanced Gear” mission for each Class to the Daily Mission Terminal on the Imperial and Republic Fleets.

More quests <3

Tionese gear available from the Tionese vendor no longer costs Tionese Crystals, and their commendation costs have been reduced for most items.

…but I have so many crystals 🙁

Ancient Artifact Storage Boxes can now be purchased for 25 Tionese Crystals from all Tionese vendors.


Ancient Hypergate, a new Warzone, is available for play! Travel to an ancient ruin built around a Gree Hypergate and battle to control the precious lost technology for your faction.
New incredibly challenging Weekly [HEROIC] Space Combat missions are available!
All new Grade 7 Artifact Quality Starship Upgrades are now available

1. Yay…. 😐 I hate PVP ._. and this one encourages a death match. Talk about unfun for healers.

2. … 🙁 I’m so bad at space missions.

3. I wonder if this means I don’t need fleet commendations now? I guess I shall see.

Regardless, Test server is done patching so time to check it out :3 Shall edit with stuff~

Edit: At the fleet vendor, there’s the finally Grade 7 Ship stuff:
Blast Condensor – Beam Generator – 500 Fleet Commendations
Durasteel Armor – Ship Armor – 500 Fleet Commendations
Laser Cannons – Beam Charger – 500 Fleet Commendations

Then there’s 2 schematics for Cybertechs (requires 400) for 700 Fleet Commendations each. Concussion Missile Magazine and the Deflector Shield.

Got mail about the Advanced Gear mission… gave me a use item to talk to someone on Carrick Station and gave me the new game rule: Advanced Gear. Had to speak to Master Zua, the Tionese vendor for Consulars. Got 99 Tionese Commendations as a reward.

Opened up a bunch of the Ancient Artifact Boxes… no crate, but I think if I did get it on the Test Server, I’d cry. I did manage to get 2 inheritance kits though (Main Hand and Chest).

Was able to get the Introduction to Ground Finder quest… requires me to complete 1 Random HM flashpoint using it.

Suddenly got another mail which was about the finishing the Advanced gear mission and the Group finder thing… but I already got the mission (which using the item told me, though, it was still consumed). Also received a Black Hole commendation,.

Anyway, queued for PVP (and PVE I guess to see the reward for the quest)… shall see what happens. Gonna try doing the space missions… can’t find where to buy space stuff with BH Commendations though :/

There’s 6 new Space Missions I believe… gonna go fail miserably.

Edit 2: Well, that didn’t go well…got greeted by a black screen (although, could see some stuff at the borders)… :/ Would submit a bug report, but I can’t see anything so… shall close the game for now and try again later @-@


So, at my grandparents’ house because we still have no power! Thus, I will be quickly doing a livestream to play around with boxes.

I will edit when it is over :3 But recording will stay up so I can further analyze percentages~ yay~

Edit: All done. Didn’t manage to get a Gizka, Vrblett, or Monkey Lizard, sadly. Didn’t really get much new from my last one and still have yet to get a color crystal. I will go ahead and throw this under “wow, my luck sure does suck”.

Edit 2: We have power back now :3

Test Server discoveries

So, I finally went and popped on to the test server for 1.5. I have had it patched for a long while, but just haven’t really gone on. I don’t plan to play around with HK-51’s quest just yet–I’ll wait until it’s up on the main servers, but I figured I’d at least scope out of the area.

For now, I’ll make sure to camp my character in the GTN area before the patch goes up so I can grab the quest from the General guy right away.

Section X kind of makes me think of Belsavis if it was blown to pieces and it was night time so yeah. I also keep aggro-ing everything. Oops.

Mobs look pretty evil looking…and there are quite a bit of them 🙁

After wandering around like an idiot, I stumbled upon Dreadtooth pacing around the Crumbling Wall area (X:567, Y:-1734 is part of it).

So I watched him pace around and I shall end it there since I really can’t do much of anything by myself! Still, was fun to see~

Corellian Run Yesterday, The Shadowlands today

I get what “The Shadowlands” are in Star Wars lore (and my boyfriend is constantly reminding me)–unfortunately, I can not see that and think of that. Seriously, just call it the Tree Canopy or something then 😐

Moving on, I shall be watching carefully for the servers going back up. If your names are taken (which, thankfully, they should be going by whoever made them first…), whoever is on first obviously gets first shot at getting the change they want. So yes, you do have to be fast and yes, this means any names you tried to reserve yesterday will mean nothing. Also, all Legacy names will be reset (even if nobody has taken your name) due to the new system of them no longer being unique. This is your free reset so if you want to change your legacy name, THIS IS WHEN YOU WILL DO SO. Speaking of which, let’s bring up those poll results and… …seriously guys? 50/50? XP Okay, well, I guess since it is a tie, it’ll just have to go to the original name. ~*ORIGINAL NABERRIE AWAY*~

I already know Aurorra and Cellina are gone due to the High Population Server test. Here are some spellings I thought up… Vote on which you think is best? (and hopefully we won’t have a tie again):

(Obviously, no guarantee these names will not be taken but…)

Moving onto some of the brighter things… a lot of us will be playing together! YAY! Please do join the Pets Chat Channel, while an excellent source of your daily pet information, we also supply mystery solving, theory speculation, and completionist discussion.

(Note: We do have it on the Imperial side too! …I just don’t play that as much 🙁 )

(edit: and for those who have send some worried messages, yes, I am honestly still upset 🙁 this has essentially been me since the announcement. I’m doing my best to look on the positive side, but if you couldn’t tell…change and I don’t get along and Corellian Run meant a lot to me)

no no no no no no no no

so yes.

we are apparently merging. I’m pretty upset. I don’t like the server name “The Shadowlands”. No offense to people on it. I’m just picky and really liked Corellian Run.

I really hope I don’t have to change any names. I feel…more than a little hurt. Broken. Disappointed. Similar words of similarness.

This just…sucks. And it makes no sense either as Corellian Run was the top PVE East Coast server too :/

Gonna go through and see what names I will have to change, if any. I already know Cellina and Aurorra will be taken though. Should I just spell the names correctly (Celina and Aurora) with an accent on a letter or use the odd spellings with an accent or play around with the spellings more or what? I may try spelling Celina with an S or something… I rather not think about it right now though.

may just cry first though.

Edit: “In order to do this, we started by raising the character limit per server to twelve (12). This new limit is applied to all accounts, even those who currently have fewer than eight characters across all servers.”

I guess I can make Speederisk and Speederisk2 at the same time then.

Rumors continue

So, some of the discussion from the High Population Server test seems to have come back to light.

It seems there are more rumors that servers may get further merged into the following:
PvE East
PvE West
PvP East
PvP West

I have…mixed feelings honestly. I really like Corellian Run, obviously, so I wouldn’t want that stressness again >_> Corellian Run is the top PVE East Server according to TOR Status, but I don’t know if that actually means anything.

Anyway, I shall try and just go back to cave and Wonderous Egg research before I stress myself out. 😛

High Population Server up

Yep, as mentioned previously, the server is now up. You can find more information here and here.

Some interesting tidbits are more character slots. For example, it says I have 9/12 (I have one on Canderous Ordo due to Orochick rumors…she’s just level 7). This server does not have 1.4 so I don’t know if more character slots are coming soon or not. (Edit: Some people are reporting they have more than 12 so it may just be dependent on how many characters total.)

Right now, just East Coast servers were transferred, but it seems they will do a few of them. Characters will be deleted in a few days–probably to prepare for the next. Unfortunately, Aurorra’s and Cellina’s names were taken 🙁 I gave Cellina a ï instead of an i and Aurrora ú instead of a u. I was also asked to change my Legacy name, but it still let me keep Naberrie so I think that may have just been the free change they mentioned…

Some people think they are preparing to make one giant big server. I don’t think so though…and I kind of hope not (my names T__T). Not to mention RP, PVE, and PVP issues.

Some are thinking there will just be one PVE, one PVP, and one RP (or one RP-PVE and one RP-PVP).

I think it’s just there are a lot of people who didn’t transfer and they want to make sure there is room when they do the forced transfers. But yeah… I guess we will see.

High Population Server Test?

So, I received this e-mail recently:

Higher Population Server Tech Coming Soon!
Greetings :

We wanted to let you know that we’re getting ready to introduce new high population server tech that will allow us to increase current server populations. Any characters remaining on an origin server will be moved to a high population destination server in order to provide a better overall gameplay experience. Please help us test this by posting on our Public Test Server forum and reporting any bugs or strange issues that you may experience.

All players will need to follow the instructions below in order to test the high population server tech.

Log in to the Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ launcher using your username and password.
Click “Play” to launch the game.
Click the Server Selection button in the bottom left corner of the character creation screen.
Select the following server: “High Population Server Test”
Click “Select”.
Review your characters for any issues and click “Play”.

If you have previously created a character on the Public Test Server, please do not worry: your characters have not been touched or deleted. This is a special Public Test Server and your previously created characters will still be available on the regular Public Test Server when it returns.

Get Started

Your feedback and participation are truly appreciated.

The Star Wars™: The Old Republic Community Team

However, I’m guessing this isn’t up yet as I do not see the server anywhere. I wonder if it was sent out by mistake or something? Hmm… Regardless, it sounds fun. Hopefully there will be more information soon.

The Transfer Dilemma + PVE/PVP

If you’ve been browsing the PTS forum and paying attention to a few of the news threads (or even noticed my slight mention here), you will know that a lot of people are incredibly upset that transfers weren’t done. And on top of that, this makes more people upset there isn’t some system that lets you instantly level to 50 or get some instant high tier gear to try things out.

And to be honest? I do have to agree a bit, although, I see both sides to it. I’ll go over reasons why they probably didn’t transfer everyone as it should be shorter:
1. Chances are, this patch will be out incredibly soon regardless. Supposedly it will be out sometime around the 25th (most likely before) which means it won’t be on the Test Server for long.

2. This means the chance of someone clearing it on the Test Server and thus, being able to take it out immediately on the live game are lessened substantially.

3. This guarantees them to only have people they know will help test. I will admit I wasn’t able to test a lot of their focus content which is partially because:
1. My guild could care less
2. My boyfriend couldn’t get the Test Server at the time
3. I didn’t know anyone.

My gear wasn’t fantastic so I really could just test some of the smaller things. Regardless, I sent several bug reports on Group Finder even if I couldn’t be more help for 1.2 (I spent most of my time Pet Researching though…).

However, this leads up to favoritism. There are many guilds who helped test previous content and were not transferred. And the debate over “What makes their $15 worth more than mine?” appears quite a bit. And I can’t say I completely blame anyone for it. On the otherhand, BioWare can only know so many that did help test and maybe they weren’t able to bring them over, but they still could’ve done something.

They could’ve possibly transferred any characters that completed HM EC and have logged in within the last 1-2 week(s). Those users would be in a position to help test (as they’d have the proper gear. For reference, my gear was before I fixed all my mods so it’s a mess) and to be honest? So many people wanted to. I had friends getting ready to do 16-man, my boyfriend was finally going to be able to try the test server out… and I was going to help. I was going to be useful and be able to do something. And that ended up being completely blown to pieces. (for those wondering, the time helps make sure the person is still playing and is still subscribed)

Even limited transfers would have been great. Or just a chance for people to try and ask to be transferred rather than just being blown off. I knew SO MANY PEOPLE who were so excited to try and give feedback and I was even going to get a chance myself and now? I’ll be lucky if I get to do a story mode run.

The thing is…this has been promoted for ages. People were dying for this. So excited for it. And this was kind of a slap in the face to all those people. Maybe it would’ve taken a bit, but would it really have been that impossible?

Anyway, going onto the PVE/PVP thing…this can be summed up very easily: If you make different gear for PVE and PVP…separate the nerfs too. I have yet to see any real nerfs that are done because of PVE–just PVP…and that isn’t fair. I joined a PVE server for a reason :/ There’s no reason there can’t be some debuff that causes these changes when you are flagged and/or in a Warzone.