High Population Server up

Yep, as mentioned previously, the server is now up. You can find more information here and here.

Some interesting tidbits are more character slots. For example, it says I have 9/12 (I have one on Canderous Ordo due to Orochick rumors…she’s just level 7). This server does not have 1.4 so I don’t know if more character slots are coming soon or not. (Edit: Some people are reporting they have more than 12 so it may just be dependent on how many characters total.)

Right now, just East Coast servers were transferred, but it seems they will do a few of them. Characters will be deleted in a few days–probably to prepare for the next. Unfortunately, Aurorra’s and Cellina’s names were taken 🙁 I gave Cellina a ï instead of an i and Aurrora ú instead of a u. I was also asked to change my Legacy name, but it still let me keep Naberrie so I think that may have just been the free change they mentioned…

Some people think they are preparing to make one giant big server. I don’t think so though…and I kind of hope not (my names T__T). Not to mention RP, PVE, and PVP issues.

Some are thinking there will just be one PVE, one PVP, and one RP (or one RP-PVE and one RP-PVP).

I think it’s just there are a lot of people who didn’t transfer and they want to make sure there is room when they do the forced transfers. But yeah… I guess we will see.

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