So, at my grandparents’ house because we still have no power! Thus, I will be quickly doing a livestream to play around with boxes.

I will edit when it is over :3 But recording will stay up so I can further analyze percentages~ yay~

Edit: All done. Didn’t manage to get a Gizka, Vrblett, or Monkey Lizard, sadly. Didn’t really get much new from my last one and still have yet to get a color crystal. I will go ahead and throw this under “wow, my luck sure does suck”.

Edit 2: We have power back now :3

7 thoughts on “Weeee~

    • Aww T~T I appreciate the offer, but I’d feel bad considering I don’t use the PTS too much!

      I just feel like I’m the only person who’s opened boxes not to get a color crystal 😛


  1. Glad to know you are safe and sound. We were all worried about you. Unfortunately, it seems that without your care and feeding Wriggles has run away. He was last seen on his way back to TFB dressed as a Hobo.


    • Yeah @-@ Stupid power outages. Thankfully, it finally came back this morning. Though, I’m exhausted and may need to take a nap soon–haven’t slept well in days.

      T_____T LIES. Wrigglers is safe and sound on the ship with tons of food and water and top hats and all his other friends.


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