The Transfer Dilemma + PVE/PVP

If you’ve been browsing the PTS forum and paying attention to a few of the news threads (or even noticed my slight mention here), you will know that a lot of people are incredibly upset that transfers weren’t done. And on top of that, this makes more people upset there isn’t some system that lets you instantly level to 50 or get some instant high tier gear to try things out.

And to be honest? I do have to agree a bit, although, I see both sides to it. I’ll go over reasons why they probably didn’t transfer everyone as it should be shorter:
1. Chances are, this patch will be out incredibly soon regardless. Supposedly it will be out sometime around the 25th (most likely before) which means it won’t be on the Test Server for long.

2. This means the chance of someone clearing it on the Test Server and thus, being able to take it out immediately on the live game are lessened substantially.

3. This guarantees them to only have people they know will help test. I will admit I wasn’t able to test a lot of their focus content which is partially because:
1. My guild could care less
2. My boyfriend couldn’t get the Test Server at the time
3. I didn’t know anyone.

My gear wasn’t fantastic so I really could just test some of the smaller things. Regardless, I sent several bug reports on Group Finder even if I couldn’t be more help for 1.2 (I spent most of my time Pet Researching though…).

However, this leads up to favoritism. There are many guilds who helped test previous content and were not transferred. And the debate over “What makes their $15 worth more than mine?” appears quite a bit. And I can’t say I completely blame anyone for it. On the otherhand, BioWare can only know so many that did help test and maybe they weren’t able to bring them over, but they still could’ve done something.

They could’ve possibly transferred any characters that completed HM EC and have logged in within the last 1-2 week(s). Those users would be in a position to help test (as they’d have the proper gear. For reference, my gear was before I fixed all my mods so it’s a mess) and to be honest? So many people wanted to. I had friends getting ready to do 16-man, my boyfriend was finally going to be able to try the test server out… and I was going to help. I was going to be useful and be able to do something. And that ended up being completely blown to pieces. (for those wondering, the time helps make sure the person is still playing and is still subscribed)

Even limited transfers would have been great. Or just a chance for people to try and ask to be transferred rather than just being blown off. I knew SO MANY PEOPLE who were so excited to try and give feedback and I was even going to get a chance myself and now? I’ll be lucky if I get to do a story mode run.

The thing is…this has been promoted for ages. People were dying for this. So excited for it. And this was kind of a slap in the face to all those people. Maybe it would’ve taken a bit, but would it really have been that impossible?

Anyway, going onto the PVE/PVP thing…this can be summed up very easily: If you make different gear for PVE and PVP…separate the nerfs too. I have yet to see any real nerfs that are done because of PVE–just PVP…and that isn’t fair. I joined a PVE server for a reason :/ There’s no reason there can’t be some debuff that causes these changes when you are flagged and/or in a Warzone.

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