Test server + 1.4 Patch Notes are up!

For the patch notes 🙂 Currently patching on my computer and downloading on my laptop as we speak. Only disappointment is it looks like no character transfers…which is really depressing T__T (Also, looks like no new pets officially mentioned…however, that doesn’t mean much. I kind of hope not though as we have enough mysteries on our hands with the Wonderous/Wondrous Egg/Orochick and who knows what with the Lobelode)

Regardless, some highlights and things I found interesting from the patch notes:
-Obviously Terror from Beyond is out. The new gear is “Dread Guard” (it sounds silly)

-The ground targeting reticule is no longer cleared when a channeled ability completes channeling. (Very nice. This was always a bit frustrating/confusing in PVP)

-Players no longer receive the error message “You cannot cast while moving” when moving, stopping, and then immediately using a ground-targeted ability. (Yay!)

Jedi Consular
Force Stun now costs no Force and has a 10-meter range. (Mixed feelings on the 10 meter range now…but yay for no force)
Force Speed now has a 20-second cooldown (down from 30). (Yay!)
Force Wave now costs no Force and affects targets in a 15-meter cone in front of you. This ability now executes more quickly. (Yay for no force and quickerness…. not much yay for the new cone shape. I can’t aim as it is)

Force Mend: This new ability allows you to heal yourself for a moderate amount. It costs no Force, is instant, and has a 30-second cooldown. (BEAUTIFUL. I would think this would be a good heal to cast after every couple of Noble Sacrifices.)

Valiance now additionally increases the healing of Force Mend by 15% per point. (YAY! So mine will do an extra 30%)
Egress has been redesigned. It now causes Force Speed to remove roots and snares and grants immunity to roots and snares for its duration. (I never used this so… Good I guess, but no room for it in my build)

-Players can now use “match color to chest” for their companions, and can choose to show or hide companion head gear. (YAY!)

Flash Points + Operations:

While participating in a Flashpoint conversation, using Esc to cancel a conversation and then pressing the “x” button to close the window no longer causes the player to exit the Flashpoint instance. (YAY! I’ve done this a couple of times and it sucks)


[WEEKLY] Deadly Operations now awards 30 Daily Commendations.
[WEEKLY] Galactic Operations now awards 10 Daily Commendations and 8 Black Hole Commendations.
[WEEKLY] Galactic Crisis Points now awards 10 Daily Commendations and 8 Black Hole Commendations.
Explosive Conflict now awards 10 Black Hole Commendations and crafting materials.
^These rewards are a lot better, in my opinion. Heck, if I do all 3 of those Weeklies, I’ll be able to get my other Daily Speeder now.


Damaging Toth and Zorn too quickly no longer causes their health threshold mechanics to overlap (in all difficulty modes). (Thank goodness. We actually had quite an issue with this)

Chests in Explosive Conflict no longer contain Black Hold Commendations. They now have increased amounts of credits and crafting materials. (That…kind of sucks. Yay for more credits though and Crafting materials being more common. Especially if I need more stuff for my offhand)

Bosses in Hard Mode now drop 5 Black Hole Commendations each. (This seems kind of silly in my opinion since BH is less than what you are getting to begin with, but whatever)

There’s actually quite a few changes to EC it seems to make the instance a bit easier.

Players who leave an active Group Finder instance are now returned to their original location (where they were before they teleported in the first time).
^This is essentially good in the long run, but sometimes it was nice to just be lazy.

A majority of offhand items can now be modified. Shields, Generators, and Foci accept Armoring modifications, and Vibroknives and Shotguns accept Barrels. Additionally, they can contain Color Crystal, Mod, and Enhancement slots (though the Color Crystal slot does not currently impact the visuals of the item). Note that there are some exceptions – not all offhands can be modified.
^I wonder if this includes the Sage offhand… I guess we shall see. If so, I…well, I’ll need quite a bit of things. darn it. I only have 300K 🙁

-Bind on pickup and Bind on Legacy items can now be traded for up to 2 hours between players that were eligible to loot the item.
EEEEEEEEEEEEE 😀 So if an item is picked up by mistake…yay! Still kind of stinks for when someone gets a pet in an operation I’m not part of, but still something!

-Items purchased from a vendor can now be sold to any vendor for full purchase price (in commendations) for up to 2 hours. Stackable items and mission items cannot be traded or sold back for full value. The 2 hour time is terminated if a mod is added or removed or an augment slot is added. Bind on Equip items cannot be refunded (in commendations) if they are traded, mailed, put in a guild bank, or listed on the GTN.
^More yaying! Nice to know if I screw up, I can get what I bought it for back.

The formula that determines extraction costs for modifications has been adjusted. Costs to remove Premium and Artifact quality modifications have been reduced substantially. The cost to remove Prototype modifications has been decreased slightly.
^Yaying continues.

-The Nightmare Pilgrim can now be respawned every 30 minutes (down from 2 hours).
^Not that our guild was doing it, but great for guilds that do.

-Level 50 daily Warzone missions (No Quarter and March Them Down) now only require 4 Warzone completions (down from 6). Winning a Warzone still counts as an extra completion.
^Very surprised about this. Didn’t see this coming and it wasn’t a big deal for 6–not sure why it was lowered to 4 (I’d have expected maybe the Weekly to be lowered if any but not the daily)…wait, when was there more than one Daily level 50 Warzone mission?

-Resolve changes were mentioned. No more overlapping for CC’s that don’t even trigger on the person as someone else did it first.

-New Recruit gear again O-o

Some changes to Hutt Ball (13 minutes long now) and Novare Coast (Turrets fire quicker) to make them faster. Also, Void Star gets a bit of a Bloodbath (“In the event that neither team breaches the first set of doors, the winner of the match is now the team that scored the most kills.”) with it’s new tiebreaker…


Players can now set their moods, altering your character’s facial expression. You can find these moods in the emote browser near the chat window.
^So cute! Can’t wait to see these new expressions.

Players can now use shift+right click to equip an item directly on their active companion.

Misc. Bug Fixes:
Players performing certain emotes while riding the Jawa Balloon on Tatooine are no longer teleported back to the balloon’s start position.
^Yay! I mean, I usually just get someone to push me up there after my first go on the balloon…but starting over sucks.

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