Test Server notes!

Just random stuff as I explore… Shall continue to update.

-New quest (most likely what starts Terror from Beyond) from Minister Sosa who is in the Supplies area. She gives a quest called Ancient Allies. As expected, the Gree are involved.

-New gear–Hazmat and Dread Guard. Dread Guard is from HM Terror from Beyond. Only Hazmat stuff listed are some implants. Dread Guard seems to have rating 63 modifications.

-Sage offhand IS officially now modifiable. Shall have to take a look at mine when I get a chance… Will possibly need to buy a mod, enhancement, and armoring for it depending on what it has. It should have a +41 crystal regardless…but I want a magenta one 😐 May just buy off the market (let’s pretend I have credits for a moment). I’d do some comparisons on my gear and the new stuff…but Mr. Robot seems to be down for me. Wish I could do actual comparisons, but well:

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to offer the ability to copy characters for this test nor will there be any rewards offered for testing. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.

So depressing T__T I really wanted to try Terror from Beyond…

Edit 2: THE NEW HEAL. I can’t really get a perfect idea on how good it is with my armor on the test server… but hopefully it’s better than what I am doing. It seemed to do about 3.5K (with a few smaller heals of about 100 or so). Crit for about 6K. So it seems to be on par with Deliverance which is pretty awesome.

Edit 3: The next part of the first quest is in the North East Corner (next Doorway after EC). The Gree kind of scare me. Kephess is confirmed to be back even further. Definitely going to be the familiar face.

Edit 4: Instance for the quest is also in this same area…you just take a left turn instead of going straight.

Edit 5: Asation~ Very pretty loading splash screen. Going to check out the cutscene to head down to the operation itself.

Edit 6: Leads you right into a cutscene. Very pretty sky. There is a Speeder Bike right at the beginning. Says it’s not functioning right now. Land is pretty swampy–can’t explore much without hitting an exhaustion zone.

Edit 7: 3 Maps. The first map…you go in then back out and then in again and then outside… Looks interesting.

Edit 8: Lots of robots. …couldn’t get much further sadly 😛

Edit 9: It seems we may actually go through the hypergate. Interesting.

Edit 10: The Mood section is under “Action”. There is Neutral, Alarmed, Annoyed, Astounded, Awed, Cheery, Dejected, Depressed, Discomforted, Eager, Flattered, Frustrated, Hurt, Joyful, Meditate, Mournful, Saddened, Scowling, and Stunned. Some look a bit silly, but they are still a nice feature.

Edit 11: Heading back to gear, supposedly the Belt and Bracers are modable! Yay! That would mean I could get them from the gear instead of waiting for someone to make them. Really need to work on what I have to aim for next…

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  1. It’s firefox, on my laptop all the text appears pink and the background is whiter for some reason, on my desktop it’s fine.



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