Got to go into TfB today surprisingly. I wasn’t supposed to but something came up so I was brought along.

Unfortunately, this will also be my last go. Not just because I will be busy tomorrow (not that I’d have been taken to go on 8-man anyway), but because 3 sages is just not…good to take on HM 16-man TfB. I’ll just glare about the nerf I guess and wish I was a better healer so that wouldn’t matter. But I suppose I won’t ever be good enough and thus, my Deep Wriggler dreams will be put off much much longer 🙁 (and my stress will grow and I shall probably get more sad)

On a happier note, Prongs is awesome and helped me get this beautiful legacy ship stuff and I wish I could be as happy as I should be (and I know I’ll be ecstatic later), but right now, I don’t think anyone would believe these tears are “happy”.


and why can’t sages be considered as awesome as scoundrels and commandos ._.

6 thoughts on “:(

    • I don’t really like DPSing. I prefer healing, I’ve always healed (I also don’t care as much for Scoundrel/Commando healing–I prefer how a Sage heals) and my biggest issue with DPS is I can’t aim so I often miss the target I’m trying to click and blah.


      • Even with 3 of the best sage healers ever, 3 sages still is not optimal, it’s nothing with how good you are, Marilea. The game is built so that group diversity is needed. Having all of the same healer is never the best, and none of them are “better” than the others.


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