Hoth is done~ + Boxes

So, I finished Hoth on Cellina last night. Looking forward to completing Chapter 2 today. I just want to get her story done and see the end @-@ I just wish I didn’t have to do so much other stuff besides the story quests to get there :/

In a different note, this article pretty much gets why I hate Cartel Packs so much and I recommend reading it! I do agree with the solution… I’ve said it many times myself I wouldn’t mind paying extra afterall. And for another idea, even making it so you can also get it ingame somehow (after a challenging quest of course) would be nice…but if they have to keep it pay to cash, just give people the option to buy the item, even if it’s a bit higher priced.

…but nope. :/

There’s just… no good reason for those kinds of things, to be honest. You can’t even honestly say to give people who like surprises something to have fun with as there’s no reason you can’t just do the “items are sold for this much but you can try your luck with this cheaper box if you’d like” if that was true.

And that makes me so sad. v-v At least they aren’t permanently bound though… why I’m still here.

2 thoughts on “Hoth is done~ + Boxes

  1. That article mentions but glosses over the reality — the gambling boxes will make them way more money than offering the items directly would. Honestly I am not too concerned with this since everything can be resold. Next set of packs I’m going to just resell unopened packs for millions of credits and buy everything I wanted from them off the GTN with the profits (and still have cash left over!).


    • Yeah 🙁 It still sucks though.

      I feel too bad selling things to be able to do that XD though, I’m unlucky anyway 🙁


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