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Pet Analyzation

While I wait for my boyfriend to get up so we can try out the Belsavis Dailies (although, we’d have to find 2 more people for one of them), I have decided to wander around near the entrance to the area and the fleet and see what pets people may have.

Essentially, this helps me figure out what pets are ingame without bugging people and/or getting trolled by jerks.

And of course, I’ll look for mounts too, but those are a bit harder to identify, sadly.

I will only be counting the ones in the Cartel Packs for now because, well, you can kind of see the ones not in the pack already so…

All of the pets from Dulfy’s Guide have been found and were carried over to live.

As for SWTOR-Spy’s list, I know some people have gotten thrones, but I don’t think it is any of those… another similarly named one is the Ubrikki Crimson Skull which I haven’t seen, but I have seen the Ubrikki Crimson Claw.

Moving on to pets, the only ones seen thus far have been the Red-Backed Gizka and the Ruddyscale Kowakian Monkey-lizard. No others from their pet list have been spotted yet or if they have, nobody has said anything.

The main thing is there are a lot of “What if’s” and I would like to not see something like the Wonderous Egg happen ever again. EVER.

which I think is why it upsets me so much they didn’t release a list. For the record, a list wouldn’t ruin the money they’d make (in fact, more often than not, you’d actually encourage more people to try a box) as usually what sells is the actual opening/surprise factor.

One of my favorite things when I was little was when my dad would come home with boxes of Pokemon cards and Beanie Baby cards and he and my mom and I would sit on the bed and open all of them and organize them because opening booster packs was ridiculously fun and there were so many. That is essentially what these work on–that surprise factor and the excitement of opening something.

Just think to Christmas morning–sure, what was actually in the gift was nice, but a big part of it was just opening it and the more you had to open, the more exciting it was. With each box, the excitement increased.

and this is why people go in debt because of stupid things like this and if you see me thinking of buying more boxes, someone SLAP me.

…and for some reason, I keep getting an error when trying to log in 😐 So I guess research will be delayed which stinks. I was looking forward to it.

…seriously, this blog is like SWTOR research central. It’s why it was made. And then for some reason all of you people started reading it πŸ˜›

Anyway, I guess I’ll just talk for a bit while I wait until they somehow fix this (speaking of which, I noticed the time is off on the website… I guess they didn’t modify for DST? But I’m not sure how to change that either).

Umm…firstly, I hope they come out with customizations for HK-51. I think he’d look nice in HK-47’s copper.

I really hope we can do Dreadtooth soon. Really want to look into that cave more and since current ideas are based off a mask and necklace that drop from him (well, necklace most likely also drops from him–just on much higher stacks), I kind of need to start doing him? Of course, the guild is currently focused on NM EC as are many guilds with firsts in mind and whatnot (but honestly, how can you appropriately evaluate a first anyway? If someone starts earlier than you and has more time doing it, it’s not really a surprise if they get it first. It seems kind of odd to judge something if you don’t have everyone start at the same time)… but I just want to solve Cave mysteries πŸ™

speaking of Cave Mysteries, that was part of the fun with scanning even if it took FOREVER. It was like being an archeologist~ Considering how the story is on the Republic side, I probably will have to do HK again on my Imperial character as it’s just so much different. Part of me is looking forward to it as I did have fun, but parts of it scared me. I’M LOOKING AT YOU CREEPY SHIP. Regardless, this is making me want to finish up Corellia and Ilum for Amidaia, but I’m pretty sure my boyfriend still wants to work on his bounty hunter with Cellina πŸ™ Don’t get me wrong, the agent story is quite interesting, but I hate doing things out of order and skipping around. Having several companions with various levels isn’t very fun to me.

also just realized I never received my 500 for my subscription so I guess I shall send them an e-mail @-@

MOVING ON… someone did finish EC HM but I saw no pet drop πŸ™ Which makes me sad. I mean, it was confirmed a pet would drop from EC NM but I can’t help and be paranoid ._. of course, just because it doesn’t have a high drop rate doesn’t mean it doesn’t drop either…

Regardless, a lot of people in the guild have offered me some of their pets from the Cartel Shop so I am looking forward to when things become unbound. I will also be stalking the GTN like no tomorrow (despite the fact that I am poor and have no money and it will probably make me even more sad if I wasn’t sad enough by how much my luck sucks and these stupid boxes). In the meantime, I have started crossing things out.

While I was hoping to do trades, I don’t think anyone would want any of the stuff I’ve gotten. Of course, I may update with some stuff my boyfriend wants to get rid of or etc. so I guess I will mention when it gets updated… Also, it’s under the “Contact Me” section if anyone was curious.

speaking of items, I have a good contest idea…just need to get something people would actually want 😐

Oh, and I know I don’t have many pictures up… I will hopefully be taking pictures of the pets soon. At least, the ones I have. I don’t think taking a picture on the preview screen looks too great and I’d feel bad using other people’s pictures so… but I shall do my best to have them all soon x__x of course, we don’t even know how many there are yet.

but yes, I will stop talking about random stuff now and end this. WORK LOG-IN THINGY.

1.5 – November 15th

So, in a week, 1.5 will be upon us. This will bring:

1. Nightmare EC (I will have to add that stupid tank mount to my list. I also have only a week to try and get all the speeders I still need… I don’t see myself getting the Ranked Warzone one–EC HM one is iffy… but I can always try to save for the ones I need to buy*)
2. HK-51 and new dailies + new world boss. I will be on immediately when patch goes up. FYI CERTAIN PEOPLE WHO KNOW WHO THEY ARE.
3. The Cartel Market

So, in Nightmare EC, there was confirmed there would be a pet. I do feel it may be the Wonderous Egg (afterall, how did that rumor start?), but there is no confirmation… if it is though, at least it can be traded so I can just hope someone pities my sad existence outside the doorway.

I’ve already prepared enough gifts to get HK to 10K so yay. I’ll probably be camping myself near where the NPC will spawn the night before so I can grab the quest and head on over to Section X. I don’t really care about getting him geared out right away–I don’t expect to use him much afterall. I just want to see is story.

Still mixed feelings on the Cartel Market. Apparently it will be 5 dollars for 450 Cartel Coins so a bit under a direct transition which kind of stinks.. however, that’s been the kind of thing most cash shops have done lately :/ Still stinks though. I’ll be getting 2800 complementary though… plus a bonus 250 during the actual launch. I still feel it may be slightly off though… and well, I hope that 500 per subscribed month after launch is true. That’d be nice. I plan on buying the speeder and pet available plus 2 of the tops…rest will be spent on packs though.

I just really wish they’d make a list of everything you can get ._. Regardless, I have prepared a trade page and everyone in the Pet Channel is awesome so… shall just hope for the best.

*I have been asked a lot why I didn’t just buy these when they were cheaper. To be honest, if I could, I would have. However, my choices were between stuff that would be GONE and thus, would probably go up to ridiculous points or just the speeders sticking around. In the end, the money went towards the Koreallis Speeders, one of the Prime speeders that was rumored to be going, and to help my boyfriend get his white lightsaber crystal. Sure, I wanted one too, but I knew he wanted it more so that is where all my money went. And it sucks I couldn’t get the speeders at a lower price, but I don’t regret what I did use the credits for.

Continuing testing

So, continuing with the cave theories, I found a nice person (Xivioke) to let me check out their story mode instance! 8-man story mode yields nothing, but going to explore a bit before checking out 16-man story mode.

Will also stream for a bit :3 Stream closed now :3 But recording up as per usual~

Edit: 16-man Story mode also has no message. It looks to be 16-man HM only. Very interesting.

PVP Update

So, my expertise with my PVP gear is now 1,006. Yay I guess.

It seemed a lot of people were happy with my healing at least so that was nice. As usual, I got dragged along by friends πŸ˜›

My Valor Rank is also 77 now.

Anyway, I’m mostly just helping someone out and then I shall probably head on the test server and see if I can poke around and do some more exploration and discovery :3 RESEARCH AWAY~

A Treasure Hunt

When the only stuff you need can be gotten from HM EC raids (which you’re not a part of) or Nightmare Pilgrim (who can only be done every 5 days as it is), you get to a point where you become a bit stuck. If only because people keep making rumors from the Wonderous/Wondrous Egg, you can’t level alts until someone is feeling better, and you are waiting for Customer Service to respond back about your Zabrak problem is besides the point.

There may not be a prize (or at least not for you), but sometimes the experience and adventure of something is more than enough–and if there’s one thing I really do enjoy in this game…it’s exploring. So, when I stumbled upon a certain topic by certain people I happen to know and saw a little Treasure Hunt for a prize, I was excited to try as well. It didn’t matter that it was over. It didn’t matter that the prize had been won. Just the little bit of adventure was enough for me.

So, here are the lovely 3 places that needed to be found:

Thank you for the fun~

(as for why the Hoth one is such low quality… My screenshot button was failing so I had to record it)

Researching, Boxes, Info, Answers, Gear

As usual, I will probably ignore the order of my header and get to each part as I feel like it πŸ˜› When it comes to pets, I will always have a lot to say and will probably end up answering with more than you even cared to know.

I was hoping to do a lot of Research today. Maybe try running Lost Island normal to see if any pets dropped, maybe try running around places in search of a Lobelode, more box hunting, more Orochick theories… in the end, I didn’t do much of any of it. I ended up noticing I was very close to getting another War Hero Relic of Boundless Ages so I decided to bite the bullet and go ahead and do so realizing regardless of whether I went with the slightly less crit chance or not, it was still an increase to healing regardless.

From there, I decided to work on getting Black Hole Commendations and I managed to get…very interesting groups. A lot of first timers each time and so things didn’t exactly go flawlessly, but at least one ended well. (Second the new people gave up, but Elidibs went and took me to finish it up…third, I had to go…and then Stoic dragged me off to KP NM–thankfully, my boyfriend got to go too so now he has the codexes and title :3)

I am now 2 BH Commendations short from getting my hat and hopefully a Mettle Mod 26 with it too. Hopefully I can do Corellia/Black Hole later. I wanted to do it now, but after more craziness, it just too late and I’m exhausted. As for what craziness, I was then dragged to PVP while also helping people do the event πŸ˜› was very interesting.

Regardless, that will leave me with 1 Advanced Mettle Mod 26, 2 Advanced Quick Savant Enhancement 26, 1 Advanced Resolve Hilt 26, and 2 Advanced Resolve Armoring 26 to go.

I actually only need 100K more for the Armoring… but I, of course, need to buy the Grade 8 Materials which is an extra 300K-800K credits v-v; just…so frustrated about it.

Also, just really want to make my Trooper already. Seriously, the hold slot is really starting to bug me. Why must just extra colors be 1.5 million? T__T whhhhy.

Moving on, the mod and enhancements are still like 500K each on average. The Hilt, however, will have to be gotten from HM EC (from Kephess) which I am not looking forward to. Similarly, I do still need at least one more Campaign armoring piece for the 2-piece set bonus back (which while I don’t need, is at least helpful). I need either the Gloves (Mine guy) or the Boots (Nightmare Pilgrim) so hopefully I can get that all taken care of soon.

The next operation is supposedly the next update so it may be silly to be working so hard when the gear will be outdated shortly. But I just want to be done and prepared before the update. Similarly, I want all my characters made properly and ready to go (and I just have Zoara waiting for the 1.5 million to do that).

I just…hate making lists longer. I still have stuff from the first Legacy update I need and I just feel I’m getting further and further behind and it’s making me depressed .__.

finally, since people are asking about the Password protected stuff…they are, more often than not, little backstory writing things about my characters (or in actual character) and made-up stories. While I don’t mind people reading my thoughts (even if I will never understand why), I’m pretty shy with my story-writing so those will always be super-secret-private and whatnot. …I don’t think anyone really minds/cares anyway.

Exploration Failure

I had explored once before on Normal EC, but the fact that the Orobirds were supposedly missing on HM EC had been haunting me since and after confirming it as I did EC, I decided to do another round of exploring.

I found nothing, unfortunately. But I did get better at climbing I suppose.

…can this mystery be solved yet?

Tiredness stinks & At a Loss

Well, I’m still having trouble sleeping lately so our raid tonight was a bit awkward. I died 3 times (fell of a cliff, blew up on the mine field…though, I guess I lagged into it as I swore I was okay, and died at Kephess) which made me feel bad. Regardless, we did finish it. Still no pet though and the longer without anyone seeing it who plays, the less likely I feel it may be there in the first place. I mean, if the devs can even just say yes or no if it comes from Explosive Conflict, that would be amazing. Regardless, because of this, I may start my Vendor search (and Area Quest* check too) today.

As for at the loss…it essentially is partially due to that. My boyfriend hasn’t really wanted to play (which means no leveling other characters–he says he’s just burnt out with our Sith characters and really wants to play his trooper, but he needs to wait for my Smuggler and I do not have the 1.5 million for her yet…and regardless, I don’t feel like that’s the only reason either) and I have had no luck getting friends to play either. Similarly, most of what I want to do requires an obscene amount of credits that I just don’t have to be blunt. I would need to do dailies every day for about 4 months in order to get to about what I’d need. And that would include buying absolutely nothing so I really don’t know what I’m going to do because if I did dailies every day for 4 months, I would probably never be able to play this game again. if I even made it that far. It is really awkward when you know everyone has more credits than you do. Besides credits, the only other things left are operations which I need to see what my guild is doing first. On Monday, if they haven’t done anything, then I will usually look for a group though…but I think we will be and I hope I’ll stay more awake. I also hope we’ll do NM EV and KP soon, along with Nightmare Pilgrim and HM EV. I want to get all the codexes πŸ˜› (and some of my other speeders)

The only thing I can really do by myself though is explore and while I enjoy exploring, it’s just not very fun by yourself. Exploring Taris all alone kind of sucks (especially as I’m not fond of the planet to begin with) and trying to find vendors and stuff alone sucks too plus it’s just nice to have another set of eyes.

Also, the Parlor Dance is my favorite dance. Makes me sad only Twi’leks get it πŸ™

*I know I mentioned I ended up finding one in Hoth later..but I did actually uncover the area beforehand and still missed the quest somehow. It can be very fidget-y with the range.

Battle of Ilum, The Foundry, Population, Valor Worries + more

So, quite a bit to talk about :3 Shall go in order~

Battle of Ilum:
Finally got to do Battle of Ilum HM! My boyfriend and I went with two of our guildmates πŸ™‚ And we even did the bonus boss! It went really well and I had fun. We’re hopefully going to do False Emperor tomorrow and then I’ll have my Aratech Ice <3 What was really fun is we got to go through the Secret Tunnel πŸ™‚ It is an old thing left during development/Beta when they wanted to put some Datacrons in Flash Points. It has a bunch of the crates you can break to get further along with the Bonus Boss and a Security Chest! It's in the giant crystal cave area :3 Just look for a tiny cove on the map with a few enemies and then look carefully for a tiny opening that turns into a path and it is so cool. The Foundry: Found some time to pop on Amidaia today and took care of the Foundry for the first time. We finally hit a flashpoint we couldn't do with just two companions, but luckily were able to find someone who was going to do it with us πŸ™‚ I have taken Amidaia back to Quesh so hopefully maybe we can get some leveling in. Population: SO MANY PEOPLE. We had 300-400+ people on the Republic Fleet during Prime time and about 500 on the Imperial Fleet! PVPers were in their glory and everyone seemed to be getting along, though, I did see some rude people. I'm hoping to maybe see people looking for groups for Gargath as I'm pretty shy :/ I have seen lots of KP groups though so if our guild doesn't have time to during the week, at least I should be able to go to one! I just hope to see people asking for Gargath. However, due to experiences, I think I'm really too shy to join someone's Looking for group for Lost Island. It just is...a flash point that makes me really nervous and I know a lot of people really have no respect for mistakes and I'd rather not cry for feeling like a failure. Especially as I hate giving up. Wish I could find someone to do Lost Island normal already though. But yes, was nice seeing so many people--even if we were full at one point and had to wait like 20 minutes to get in πŸ˜› Valor Worries: Guild said that due to other games, there was a chance with Ranked Warzones that Valor would be removed eventually. At the moment, I am valor level 73. I still have 27 levels to go to max out valor for all the titles. That's... a lot, especially at this high and the idea is just stressing me out completely. Moving on to other subjects: Our Guild has a new GM as the old one feels they will be too busy. I do know the new GM better than the old one so it's not too much of a change--most people are also in that boat. I actually got promoted to Officer though which was a nice surprise! Right now, they're trying to figure out recruiting along with what to do with Raid Groups. They are thinking of making our Raid Group the first one (we are #2) at the moment and vice versa--I kind of hope they do that as I really like the group I raid with. Besides that, I re-maxed Slicing πŸ™‚ And am continuing to try and use that to earn some money. Hopefully I'll have a good amount of credits soon. Edit: And speaking of awesome guildmates, I received a special gift when I got up this morning: 10

SWTOR E3 2012

If you missed it, check it out here.


So, quick overview of what they said:
New Space Mission: Space Station Assault–definitely looks like a lot more moving around.
New Operation: Terror from Beyond (At least I’ve finished EC on normal?…but god this looks creepy)
New Companion: HK-51 Assassin Droid (Which has been known for a while)
New Level Cap and Combat Abilities. – I wish they stated what the new level cap will be @-@ Thankfully, it won’t really be grinding with the other new stuff.
New Warzone: Ancient Hypergates
New Planet: Makeb (BRONTO-SHIP)
New Race: Cathar
Harder version of Nightmare/Difficulty modes.

So excited for more story!

And this is apparently coming in July?! Dear god x___x oh phew, just the Level 15 thing. Rest will just be sometime this year.

Some interesting tidbits:
While only Cathar and HK-51 were confirmed specifically, they did say races and companions. Same goes with Ancient Hypergates as Warzones also was plural.

Also going to bring up this from Dulfy.

And from the little chat:
1:28 Dr. Ray Muzyka, Co-Founder of BioWare, is now on stage to talk about Star Wars: The Old Republic.
1:28 ”Our goal is to provide a living service that’s always on.”
1:29 The Old Republic will be adding new PvP warzones to the game, along with more challenging group and high-level content, including a new version of Nightmare difficulty mode.
1:30 Group finder, ranked PvP, and character transfers are now available, and level caps have been increased for every class.
1:30 A new planet, Makeb, will introduce new storylines and more. There are also new companion characters and playable species coming soon.
1:31 Looks like one of the new companions is an Assassin Droid! Lots of sneak peeks in this trailer.

Things I’d like to get done before this happens:
1. Get Amidaia to level 50. (Preferably, I’d like to get Aurorra, Cellina, Miisha, and Zoara to level 50 as well, but I won’t have time for that if the date is correct and I don’t think I’ll have the 3 million for Miisha and Zoara anyway)
2. Get all of Amidaia’s companions to 10,000 affection. (Would include others too if I was getting them to level 50, but yeah)
3. Get the pets I still need (M0-GUL Thrall Droid, Midnight Rakling, Taunling, and Wondrous Egg/Orochick).
4. Get the Legacy Ship Unlocks I want T___T
5. Have a good amount of money saved up (and maybe rocket boots too)

I’d love to be more geared as well in preparation for the new Operation, but due to feelings mentioned in the last entry, I don’t know if I’m ready to go for EC some more (and Lost Island and I don’t get along too well either).

Ugh, I’m so excited but now I’m stressing T___T Too much to do!

However, I’ve noticed some people are either annoyed or saying how SWTOR has failed due to the “free to play until level 15” …except it’s been this way for months with the friend trials and free play weekends. And it’s not a bad thing! That lets people try the game and see if they like it. There’s many pay to play games I did not try because I didn’t want to pay to try them. And then when they would finally do a free trial, part of my dislike for the game would be I’d feel too far behind to catch up as I’m a collector. The fact that they are doing this early and giving people a chance to play the first two planets, see their story, and even do their first flashpoint is a great idea and it’s stupid to think that’s “ruining the game”–even if it’s going to be more opened.