Tiredness stinks & At a Loss

Well, I’m still having trouble sleeping lately so our raid tonight was a bit awkward. I died 3 times (fell of a cliff, blew up on the mine field…though, I guess I lagged into it as I swore I was okay, and died at Kephess) which made me feel bad. Regardless, we did finish it. Still no pet though and the longer without anyone seeing it who plays, the less likely I feel it may be there in the first place. I mean, if the devs can even just say yes or no if it comes from Explosive Conflict, that would be amazing. Regardless, because of this, I may start my Vendor search (and Area Quest* check too) today.

As for at the loss…it essentially is partially due to that. My boyfriend hasn’t really wanted to play (which means no leveling other characters–he says he’s just burnt out with our Sith characters and really wants to play his trooper, but he needs to wait for my Smuggler and I do not have the 1.5 million for her yet…and regardless, I don’t feel like that’s the only reason either) and I have had no luck getting friends to play either. Similarly, most of what I want to do requires an obscene amount of credits that I just don’t have to be blunt. I would need to do dailies every day for about 4 months in order to get to about what I’d need. And that would include buying absolutely nothing so I really don’t know what I’m going to do because if I did dailies every day for 4 months, I would probably never be able to play this game again. if I even made it that far. It is really awkward when you know everyone has more credits than you do. Besides credits, the only other things left are operations which I need to see what my guild is doing first. On Monday, if they haven’t done anything, then I will usually look for a group though…but I think we will be and I hope I’ll stay more awake. I also hope we’ll do NM EV and KP soon, along with Nightmare Pilgrim and HM EV. I want to get all the codexes 😛 (and some of my other speeders)

The only thing I can really do by myself though is explore and while I enjoy exploring, it’s just not very fun by yourself. Exploring Taris all alone kind of sucks (especially as I’m not fond of the planet to begin with) and trying to find vendors and stuff alone sucks too plus it’s just nice to have another set of eyes.

Also, the Parlor Dance is my favorite dance. Makes me sad only Twi’leks get it 🙁

*I know I mentioned I ended up finding one in Hoth later..but I did actually uncover the area beforehand and still missed the quest somehow. It can be very fidget-y with the range.

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