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As usual, I will probably ignore the order of my header and get to each part as I feel like it 😛 When it comes to pets, I will always have a lot to say and will probably end up answering with more than you even cared to know.

I was hoping to do a lot of Research today. Maybe try running Lost Island normal to see if any pets dropped, maybe try running around places in search of a Lobelode, more box hunting, more Orochick theories… in the end, I didn’t do much of any of it. I ended up noticing I was very close to getting another War Hero Relic of Boundless Ages so I decided to bite the bullet and go ahead and do so realizing regardless of whether I went with the slightly less crit chance or not, it was still an increase to healing regardless.

From there, I decided to work on getting Black Hole Commendations and I managed to get…very interesting groups. A lot of first timers each time and so things didn’t exactly go flawlessly, but at least one ended well. (Second the new people gave up, but Elidibs went and took me to finish it up…third, I had to go…and then Stoic dragged me off to KP NM–thankfully, my boyfriend got to go too so now he has the codexes and title :3)

I am now 2 BH Commendations short from getting my hat and hopefully a Mettle Mod 26 with it too. Hopefully I can do Corellia/Black Hole later. I wanted to do it now, but after more craziness, it just too late and I’m exhausted. As for what craziness, I was then dragged to PVP while also helping people do the event 😛 was very interesting.

Regardless, that will leave me with 1 Advanced Mettle Mod 26, 2 Advanced Quick Savant Enhancement 26, 1 Advanced Resolve Hilt 26, and 2 Advanced Resolve Armoring 26 to go.

I actually only need 100K more for the Armoring… but I, of course, need to buy the Grade 8 Materials which is an extra 300K-800K credits v-v; just…so frustrated about it.

Also, just really want to make my Trooper already. Seriously, the hold slot is really starting to bug me. Why must just extra colors be 1.5 million? T__T whhhhy.

Moving on, the mod and enhancements are still like 500K each on average. The Hilt, however, will have to be gotten from HM EC (from Kephess) which I am not looking forward to. Similarly, I do still need at least one more Campaign armoring piece for the 2-piece set bonus back (which while I don’t need, is at least helpful). I need either the Gloves (Mine guy) or the Boots (Nightmare Pilgrim) so hopefully I can get that all taken care of soon.

The next operation is supposedly the next update so it may be silly to be working so hard when the gear will be outdated shortly. But I just want to be done and prepared before the update. Similarly, I want all my characters made properly and ready to go (and I just have Zoara waiting for the 1.5 million to do that).

I just…hate making lists longer. I still have stuff from the first Legacy update I need and I just feel I’m getting further and further behind and it’s making me depressed .__.

finally, since people are asking about the Password protected stuff…they are, more often than not, little backstory writing things about my characters (or in actual character) and made-up stories. While I don’t mind people reading my thoughts (even if I will never understand why), I’m pretty shy with my story-writing so those will always be super-secret-private and whatnot. …I don’t think anyone really minds/cares anyway.

Dreams, Stress, and Rumors

So, I had a dream I had suddenly been given 100 million credits, had gotten 2400 Ranked Warzone Rating, 100 Valor, 999 Daily Commendations, and max ranked and normal warzone commendations. Ignoring that this obviously means I’ve been playing SWTOR a bit too much, I was having a field day completing all of my goals. Getting my gear fixed up, getting all the mounts, getting a few Warzone stuff (including the Relic I need), and being able to get various Legacy stuff along with finally having all my alts good and ready to go.

I was just ecstatic and knew that now I could save for any future stuff they came out with… and then I woke up.

I’m a very all or nothing person. Similarly, I’m also very indecisive and stress easily. This is why I group things together and it’s not one or two things, but the whole group. All the mounts. All the ship legacy stuff. It isn’t 500K for this thing then 1 million for that–it’s 7.5 million for it all.

While I have a good memory, I’m a person who likes to get things done so I don’t have to worry about it.

Unfortunately, I was stupid and decided to take a risk and start working on my gear only for me to now start freaking the heck out. Why? Because not all my gear has been changed at once. I’m essentially having a nervous break-down having just spent most of my money (which was also stupid and I already regret it) on an enhancement due to it being 200K cheaper than usual–not to mention taking things out (in case this was all a mistake) and getting an Augment Slot on a new implant.

This is one of those things where I essentially would be okay if I had a mass amount of credits and just told someone to take care of it for me because I completely freak out. I do not like change. In fact, my boyfriend had to do the diplomacy missions to dark side because going to dark side to get the pet and speeder made me ridiculously uncomfortable. So changing parts of my gear is just really getting to me. And I’m not sure what to do.

From the wonderfully confusing topic I made, so far it seems I should do this:
1. Get War Hero Relic
2. Get Magenta +41 Power Crystal (About 350K right now on the market)
3. Get 4 Advanced Aptitude Mods (25 or 26.) – 400K-750K each
4. Get 4 Advanced Mettle Mods (25 or 26) – 400K-500K each
5. Get an Advanced Adept Enhancement 24 (About 250K)
6. Get another Black Hole Implant

Depending on how that goes, I’ll either be:
Switching around enhancements more (Will probably need several Quick Savant (500K))
and/or switching around Augments.

And I just…can’t afford that. In total, that is at least 4,300,000. And I just… I don’t know what to do. I’d probably need closer to 5 million due to pulling things out and having to add new Augment slots to some stuff. At the same time, I already started the process and I can’t exactly reverse it. So now I’m stuck and freaking out and just…upset and stressed and I really wish I knew what to do. (this is also part of why I want the races for alts already–it bothers me knowing two characters are not ready to go yet)

Moving on to rumors as I continue stressing completely, if the event is this week, the chances are it’ll be today–possibly within amount the next 10 minutes or the next 70 minutes. I guess we’ll see. Part of me wants it to, but on the otherhand, I haven’t done Karagga (Story or Hard mode) yet so if it does, I don’t think I’ll be getting a group this week…

…so stressed. .__. if you have some piles of credits sitting around and happen to be on Corellian Run, please think of donating to the Save Marilea from a Panic attack fund. She’ll pay you back eventually.

Getting Gear Help

Having been the only sage (and possibly healer) at my gear level that can’t seem to get off a 6K heal, I finally gave in and asked for help. I have never been good at gearing and the last MMO I really got this far in automatically had items leveled with stats and costumes would go over it so there was no pulling things out and mixing and matching.

To my surprise (and gratitude), I woke up with a response this morning. And from what it sounds like… I have a lot to do.

I have to:
1. Essentially replace any with a letter after them to the non-letter version.
2. Get more Black Hole Armorings (not surprising there though)
3. Change up another Crit + Alacrity Enhancement for Crit/Power and Surge.
4. Possibly change my relic

I honestly don’t know if I’ll be able to afford all these changes though. I’m going to work really hard, but I just feel like a failure. So much for only focusing on whatever gives the most willpower 🙁

Edit: And now people keep telling me different things and I’m more confused

Mixed feelings

Despite happiness earlier, it kind of went a little messy as the day went on to the point where now I feel more sad than anything.

Ignoring a whole issue with timing (Laying down taking longer and then not long after, being dragged off to go out to dinner), apparently when I signed off (due to not having slept in over 24 hours and still feeling ill from the previous day), it disconnected me. So, I was waited for…despite me saying I was going to go for a bit as I wasn’t feeling well and figured laying down a little could help–plus, more tanks would be on later and I would be back later.

I had been with someone who I made friends with and a new guildmate of ours at the time after various incidents.

Afterall, it started with one of our guildmates asking me about Lost Island HM knowing I was planning to do it after I got Taunling as much as I could. I was excited and said yes. We found two people to do it (after like 2 hours) with–a tank who hadn’t done it before and one of their guild mates for the other DPS. Obviously, if it’s your first try in Lost Island, there will be quite a few deaths. It’s not surprising at all and it can be a huge pain. However, we were all understandable. It was slow, but we continued through. When we got to the Robot, one of our DPS had to go after a few tries. Not long after, my guildmate disconnected. We waited…and waited…and after about 40 minutes, we realized we couldn’t keep waiting as our Tank was only able to play in early hours and he wouldn’t be able to stay too much longer. We ended up asking another one of my guildmates (and it was his first time in the FP as well) to come and they were happy to and after waiting a little longer, had to kick the other guildmate. After recruiting another DPS, it didn’t go too well (After all, the Robot Boss is harder with melee and 2 of the people in the FP were new to this), however, they couldn’t stay long either. Thankfully, a friend of mine was on who was willing to come.

So, after several tries, we get the Robot down, I learned we could skip the Rhino boss and we got to the lava-smashy-light on fire boss. Unfortunately, our guild member seemed to have some trouble figuring out exactly where to stand so he was pushed off a few times. Besides that, some people sticking too close together caused a bit too much damage. Eventually, our tank had to go and so I said it may be better to try and do it later (unfortunately, Lost Island did reset which sucks–I wish I knew what caused it to or how long it takes to reset a flashpoint) as we might be able to ask some of our guilds’ tanks to come and more people will be on so I could get some rest and we could take a small break. And this leads us to what I said to start. Because it disconnected me, apparently they waited and so I got back to an angry message in my inbox with just made me feel like utter crud for something out of my control and despite the fact that I was saying I’d be gone for a bit. I did respond explaining, but considering they signed on and no reply, I guess they didn’t care 🙁

I also, once again, tried to see if anyone was selling Advanced Resolve Armoring 25 (as I need this at least to wear my new belt) or Advanced Resolve Armoring 26 (as I will need at least 6 of these to get my gear up–I already have one in my top). I got a response from someone letting me know they were making some of the Armoring 26 and that they’d be putting them up on the market tomorrow. Ignoring my personal feelings on the fact that I find those prices ridiculous (even if that’s apparently the going price), I responded truthfully that I never had 3 million in my entire time playing the game. I received a response back that pretty much said “that sucks” and they signed off before I could say anything else.

For the record, the most I ever had in this game is a little over 2 million and only once. I’m usually lucky if I have over 500K or over 1 million, but anything more is practically a miracle. …and apparently, that’s quite pitiful ._.

In a happier note, while I managed to get nothing else done, I did at least get those final 10 daily commendations and bought my Campaign Relic of Ephemeral Mending.

And in a confusing note, apparently there is an Imperial Character (who is also a healer) on Canderous Ordo named Marilea in a guild called DeathStarz. So much for my name being unique. So, I guess I should mention that I only play on Corellian Run. I do not have any characters on any other servers (with the exception of Marilea and Roseria also being on the Test Server) so…yeah. If I do make characters on a different server, I will be sure to add them to the Character Page. …and if you are that person who also picked the name Marilea, I guess I’m curious how you came up with it? Or something? I don’t know. I can’t even think of words to explain my feelings about this ATM. @-@ And since my boyfriend had to point it out, thank god we were a destination server. I have to wonder what would happen if they tried to transfer to the test server though. :/

For now, I’ll just get my computer and laptop to start patching and head to bed so I can play 1.3 ASAP (hopefully I will wake up early).