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Dreams, Stress, and Rumors

So, I had a dream I had suddenly been given 100 million credits, had gotten 2400 Ranked Warzone Rating, 100 Valor, 999 Daily Commendations, and max ranked and normal warzone commendations. Ignoring that this obviously means I’ve been playing SWTOR a bit too much, I was having a field day completing all of my goals. Getting my gear fixed up, getting all the mounts, getting a few Warzone stuff (including the Relic I need), and being able to get various Legacy stuff along with finally having all my alts good and ready to go.

I was just ecstatic and knew that now I could save for any future stuff they came out with… and then I woke up.

I’m a very all or nothing person. Similarly, I’m also very indecisive and stress easily. This is why I group things together and it’s not one or two things, but the whole group. All the mounts. All the ship legacy stuff. It isn’t 500K for this thing then 1 million for that–it’s 7.5 million for it all.

While I have a good memory, I’m a person who likes to get things done so I don’t have to worry about it.

Unfortunately, I was stupid and decided to take a risk and start working on my gear only for me to now start freaking the heck out. Why? Because not all my gear has been changed at once. I’m essentially having a nervous break-down having just spent most of my money (which was also stupid and I already regret it) on an enhancement due to it being 200K cheaper than usual–not to mention taking things out (in case this was all a mistake) and getting an Augment Slot on a new implant.

This is one of those things where I essentially would be okay if I had a mass amount of credits and just told someone to take care of it for me because I completely freak out. I do not like change. In fact, my boyfriend had to do the diplomacy missions to dark side because going to dark side to get the pet and speeder made me ridiculously uncomfortable. So changing parts of my gear is just really getting to me. And I’m not sure what to do.

From the wonderfully confusing topic I made, so far it seems I should do this:
1. Get War Hero Relic
2. Get Magenta +41 Power Crystal (About 350K right now on the market)
3. Get 4 Advanced Aptitude Mods (25 or 26.) – 400K-750K each
4. Get 4 Advanced Mettle Mods (25 or 26) – 400K-500K each
5. Get an Advanced Adept Enhancement 24 (About 250K)
6. Get another Black Hole Implant

Depending on how that goes, I’ll either be:
Switching around enhancements more (Will probably need several Quick Savant (500K))
and/or switching around Augments.

And I just…can’t afford that. In total, that is at least 4,300,000. And I just… I don’t know what to do. I’d probably need closer to 5 million due to pulling things out and having to add new Augment slots to some stuff. At the same time, I already started the process and I can’t exactly reverse it. So now I’m stuck and freaking out and just…upset and stressed and I really wish I knew what to do. (this is also part of why I want the races for alts already–it bothers me knowing two characters are not ready to go yet)

Moving on to rumors as I continue stressing completely, if the event is this week, the chances are it’ll be today–possibly within amount the next 10 minutes or the next 70 minutes. I guess we’ll see. Part of me wants it to, but on the otherhand, I haven’t done Karagga (Story or Hard mode) yet so if it does, I don’t think I’ll be getting a group this week…

…so stressed. .__. if you have some piles of credits sitting around and happen to be on Corellian Run, please think of donating to the Save Marilea from a Panic attack fund. She’ll pay you back eventually.

Feeling unlucky, Leveling, HK, + Roseria

So, my guild being awesome went and finished Karagga’s Palace normal. Unfortunately, still no pet drop. :/ Which sucks. While I know the pets aren’t common, it seems ridiculous how much we’ve run them… this, Lost Island, and killing Gargath and just nothing. It’s just super depressing. And when you see someone come out of their first run with their brand new pet… it hurts .__.

Anyway, I am hoping to get back to leveling Amidaia soon. Especially as apparently HK-51 may need multiple characters (I feel bad for people who really don’t level other characters much like me. It seems I got lucky for this at least) considering hints to having a level 50 character on one faction and at least mid level on another. I don’t know if I’ll want to get HK on anyone besides Marilea, but if I do, probably just Amidaia. I mean, maybe the rest eventually, but not priority at all other than my main on each faction.

For now, I re-made Roseria, my test character, on Corellian Run. I will be making her DPS, but I honestly can’t decide if I should make her a sage or a shadow. I am leaning towards Sage as while Shadows can, well, sneak, I really prefer ranged combat and Shadows are a bit more up close and person. I’ll probably dress her either in Consulars Exalted or Force Evangelist and with a green color crystal.


yeeeeees, I finally have mine! So exciting! I took out my old +33 one for a few reasons:
1. Sentimental–It was really a lot of fun getting it so I wanted to save it.
2. Some of the ingredients to make it = pain.
3. I can give it to an alt or companion

I do expect pretty much all my characters to have a pink lightsaber/pink bullets so they all will have one eventually, but I wouldn’t mind some companions getting them either. I’ve essentially thought out most of them:

Qyzen – Green. I don’t even know if this would effect his weapon though. 🙁
Tharan – Cyan. He already has his 😛
Zenith – Purple.
Iresso – Red.
Nadia – White. Unfortunately, this won’t happen for a while :/

And while I don’t know enough about my other companions yet, I figured out to some extent regardless (of course, these are subject to change):
Khem Val – Red
Andronikus – Orange or Purple
Ashara – Pink and Purple/Black-Purple
Talos – Yellow or Green
Xalek – Red or Purple

Corso – Orange or Blue
Bowdarr – Green
Risha – Yellow
Akaavi – Red or Purple
Guss – Yellow, Green, or Cyan

Kaliyo – Purple
Vector – Orange
Doctor Lokin – White or Blue
Raina – Yellow
SCORPIO – Green or White

Mako – Purple
Gault – Red
Torian – Cyan
Blizz – Green
Skadge – Orange or Red

Aric – Orange or Red
Elara – White
M1-4X – Green or Orange
Tanno – Yellow
Yuun – Orange

and if I ever decide to suffer through a Jedi Knight or Sith Warrior:
T7-01 – Cyan or Green
Kira – Red
Doc – Purple
Sergeant Rusk – Blue
Lord Scourge – Red

Vette – Cyan or Green
Quinn – Purple
Jaesa – Green, Purple, or Red
Lieutenant Pierce – Orange
Broonmark – White, Blue, or Cyan