Feeling unlucky, Leveling, HK, + Roseria

So, my guild being awesome went and finished Karagga’s Palace normal. Unfortunately, still no pet drop. :/ Which sucks. While I know the pets aren’t common, it seems ridiculous how much we’ve run them… this, Lost Island, and killing Gargath and just nothing. It’s just super depressing. And when you see someone come out of their first run with their brand new pet… it hurts .__.

Anyway, I am hoping to get back to leveling Amidaia soon. Especially as apparently HK-51 may need multiple characters (I feel bad for people who really don’t level other characters much like me. It seems I got lucky for this at least) considering hints to having a level 50 character on one faction and at least mid level on another. I don’t know if I’ll want to get HK on anyone besides Marilea, but if I do, probably just Amidaia. I mean, maybe the rest eventually, but not priority at all other than my main on each faction.

For now, I re-made Roseria, my test character, on Corellian Run. I will be making her DPS, but I honestly can’t decide if I should make her a sage or a shadow. I am leaning towards Sage as while Shadows can, well, sneak, I really prefer ranged combat and Shadows are a bit more up close and person. I’ll probably dress her either in Consulars Exalted or Force Evangelist and with a green color crystal.

2 thoughts on “Feeling unlucky, Leveling, HK, + Roseria

  1. Stumbled over this post and ust wanted to comment: If you’re after the little golden droid that drops in Karagga, it does not drop in storymode, if you mean that with “normal”, it drops only from hard and nightmare, and it is no guaranteed drop there, either.


    • Actually, it does drop from every difficulty (And yes, I interchangeably use Normal and Story Mode) and I’ve known people who’ve gotten it from each difficulty. Regardless, my guild usually does Hard Mode so we’re good on that end @-@ But yeah, I know it’s not guaranteed 😛 Thus why I said “feeling Unlucky” and not “Feeling Glitched”. I also was told officially it is a “rare” drop–just sometimes frustrating to see everything except the pet, especially as the pet is really all I care about (though, I’d probably like to get the mount one day).


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