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Circlets and Sabers

Dear Double-bladed lightsaber:

(Benevolent Venerable Exemplar’s Lightsaberstaff)




(horrible edits by me)

…why can’t there be single bladed versions of double-bladed lightsabers T~T and vice versa. Whhhhhy. someone suggest this. please. please please please.

oh, and I drew up a horrible doodle from memory of that circlet hat I saw on a Sage that I still haven’t figured out what it was (ONE DAY I HOPE T~T)–the sides may have been more like chains over a band… but blah 🙁 :

edit: oh and note to self, get a K-313 Riot Needler for Miisha.

A possible Terror from Beyond drop?

Okay, so I was browsing around and had this pointed out to me:

(Screenshot credit to scifigamers)

That definitely looks like a Black-Cyan crystal to me. Since there are two color options available through EC (Black-Orange and Black-Purple), I wonder (if the Black-Cyan is true of course) if there will be another crystal and if so, what?

The crystals without a black core version are, besides the previously mentioned Cyan, Magenta and White. They are the only ones left without a black version. Heck, the White isn’t even out at all. Maybe, for all we know, it could be Black-Cyan and White. However, I believe White was mentioned to be gotten in a similar way as Magenta and still a far way off, so I’d probably put a Black-Magenta over Black-White/Normal White. It’d be neat though, wouldn’t it?

Besides that, the pink and gold armor that sentinel is wearing… I wish I knew what it was 🙁 If you recognize it, let me know please?

Changed back

Well, mostly.

Today, I changed back into my outfit. My boots are pretty close so I left them alone for now until I get Campaign armoring for them (or for my chest piece) as I decided to at least keep the 2-piece bonus which I’ve missed…and honestly, I really can’t afford to change them right now anyway. I’m widdled down to 200K now :/ And any repairs will need to come out of my pocket. The money given to me to change back wasn’t completely enough and I really hate how it’s 30K to take out -the exact same mods- from some Rakata+ thing while it’s just like 25K for orange stuff. Seriously. Not fair.

I’d like to hope for a KP NM run this weekend, but I think they’re mad at me.

In the meantime, I’ve messaged someone selling the Advanced Resolve Armoring 26 to see if they’d be willing to sell it cheaper if I supplied the materials. I don’t know how I’ll afford to buy the materials from my guild yet, but I figured it was worth a shot to ask the person regardless?

There’s another Advanced Mettle Mod 26 up and a Advanced Quick Savant 26 up…still both out of my price range, but it makes me happy to see them there as then maybe when I can finally afford them, it won’t be too hard to get them. Especially as I need 3 of those mods and 2 of those Enhancements x___x and then, I can just focus on Armoring…

Alt Funds + Still sad

At the moment, I really don’t want to see my Sage or Sorcerer right now. I don’t want to run into anyone. This is stupid. I’m expected to give my choice today and to be honest, I shouldn’t be the one making this choice. In fact, the person who forced them to ask me is the one who needs to be spoken to.

As to lessen confusion, Person A is the one who made the “request”, Person B and C are the people who are allowing the “request”, and Person C said he would be one of the people who would quit if Person A did. What surprised me is Person C also said 3 others would quit with him and Person A, so I asked one of the 3 he mentioned and Person D responded he actually wouldn’t quit if Person A quit–though, he’d probably follow Person C and he only found out about an hour before I messaged him and really didn’t want to get involved. I just..this whole situation is a mess.

and now I’m making myself upset again, so let me get to the point of this… This is essentially how much I’d need to save before I can play each character. This is listed essentially in the order I want to play them.

1. Miisha – 1,500,000 for Twi’lek race so she can be pink and 465K for Max Class Experience, Max Exploration Experience, and Speeder Training Level 1 for a total of 1,965,000. Would like to get her this top at the very least, but not sure if I’d have her be in pants or a skirt.

2. Cellina – 465K for Max Class Experience, Max Exploration Experience, and Speeder Training Level 1. I like this skirt, but not sure about the top and also not sure if I want her in a skirt or pants yet. Also interested in the following tops: Synthmesh Battle, Black Talon Operative, and Terenthium Barrage. Not sure which I’d want though. I really like the design of the last one, but I have never been a big fan of the color yellow. seriously, why couldn’t you choose what to unify something to. …Honestly though, she’ll probably be in the same top as Miisha–just the Imperial version. I just…really like that top.

Note: I do not mind reversing the order of #3 and #4.

3. Zoara – 1,500,000 for Zabrak race so she can be pink and 465K for Max Class Experience, Max Exploration Experience, and Speeder Training Level 1 for a total of 1,965,000. Would wear this. Currently stuck on what to give her hairstyle-wise, however between these 3:

(special thanks to this video for me to screencap from)

Please only focus on the hair styles–not anything else.

4. Aurorra – 465K for Max Class Experience, Max Exploration Experience, and Speeder Training Level 1. I actually think she may be put in this or some combination of that and this.

5. Roseria * – 465K for Max Class Experience, Max Exploration Experience, and Speeder Training Level 1. I want her in The Force Evangelist Outfit. I believe it can gotten from the PVP Vendor so I may need to PVP with her for a bit which kind of stinks 🙁

And I may want to get Amidaia this top.

*She will mostly be played when playing with others so depending on how it goes (like if we actually get some of our friends to play), none of the experience boosts may be needed.

So, not counting outfit costs, that’s a total of 4,860,000 for just the first 4 characters. Counting Roseria, that’s an extra 465K so 5,325,000.


Now, these are characters that I just plan to rush through story-wise and get their Companions maxed out ASAP. They will then be deleted (Not to mention I can only have one at a time to begin with).

6. Jedi Knight – 465K for Max Class Experience, Max Exploration Experience, and Speeder Training Level 1 and 180K for Companion chatting + gifting boosts for a total of 645K.

7. Sith Warrior – 465K for Max Class Experience, Max Exploration Experience, and Speeder Training Level 1 and 180K for Companion chatting + gifting boosts for a total of 645K.

So the total for these 2 is 1,290,000. Including these two with the initial costs above, that’s 6,150,000-6,615,000.


Pink tops

If you haven’t guessed, my favorite color is pink. Just…making a quick list of tops that make your outfit pink through the Unify Color system. A ! means I have it, A * means there’s a note for it, and A ~ means it’s a non-orange version of the item (So if someone knows the Orange version, let me know!)

Social Gear:
Republic Dancer’s Top* !

Light Armor:
Traditional Brocart Vestments
Prototype TholCorp Norris Shirt ~ !
Enshrouding Force Robe !
Energized Stalker’s Robe !

Needs to be Tested:
Ulgo Noble
Hutt Cartel
Gunslinger Elite <-- I really want this for my Smuggler Laminoid Battle *Depending on the item, can make them look more red than pink.

Busy Days Ahead

So, yesterday, I really didn’t get much done. Besides still being upset (and honestly, I probably will continue to be until another drops and I actually win it this time), I just felt pretty sucky and it wasn’t a great day yesterday. I only managed to do Lost Island once and if you couldn’t guess, no luck. At all.

Being up this early, I have already queued myself for Group Finder. I am nervous about a group as there is a chance I’ll get a bad one and I really can’t afford the repair costs. Similarly, there is a chance someone will roll again and I will lose again and I’m not sure how many times I can deal with that before I give up altogether and the only chance of me getting it would be someone else running it for me (for the record, there is nobody else as my boyfriend as no idea how to play a healer and I wouldn’t trust someone to go on my account unless they were sitting in my chair and I can watch them and nobody else I know in RL plays this game :D).

It was almost like having a game and getting to the ending. The best ending. You’re about to win when either:
A. You need to save and quit because you have to take care of stuff.
B. Someone unplugs it/black out.

If you picked A, then one of the following happens: Someone comes and accidentally saves over your game or the system eats the data.

For the record, I have had these things happen to me. Now, I have been over my hate for repeating things. However, when I do something and then lose all my progress? That goes into a realm even further of my hate for repeating things.

That is how I feel about what happened with Lost Island. Yes, it’s random, there is a chance I could’ve lost regardless. Part of what makes it feel this way is why–that reason. And honestly, I’d probably still be upset (though, not as frustrated) if I just lost.

So, why is this so much different and why would I still be upset, you may ask? I hate Lost Island. No, not like how I hate dailies. With dailies, it’s more that I hate repetition. I hate how they are done. I do not necessarily have this much issue with the actual quests (with the exception of Belsavis’–but with their changes, it’s mostly just bad memories now).

I am not a fan of Lost Island or Kaon Under Siege. I dislike zombies (though, the actual appearance of most Rakghouls and Nekghouls doesn’t bother me so much–the infected humans and transformations are really what creep me out) and Kaon is like a horror movie (I don’t watch horror movies). While Kaon’s environment and the various mobs bothers me, the actual bosses aren’t too bad (with the exception of the first “boss” but that is due to it being endless mobs).

Lost Island, however, I hate the bosses. Some of the Rakghouls go into creepy territory as well and there’s also some of the creepy humans. But not just that, I am personally uncomfortable with it. It is something I still, regardless of how many times I have finished it, feel like I am not good enough to be able to do it.

1. Mini Boss 1 – okayish I guess.
2. Boss 1 – Hits super hard. Very nerve-wracking.
3. Giant Robot of Doom. No further explanations needed.
4. Mini Boss 2 – Rhino guy. Hits hard with certain attacks and it’s random who he decides to hit. If not taken down fast enough, can be a problem trying to get everyone quickly healed back up.
5. Lava Pit boss – While his on the ground phase isn’t horrible (stay behind him and run inbetween his legs when he is going to smash), his pipe phase sucks. A healer may just need to heal in the middle, but those stupid rotting balls he throws at everyone hurts. Just a few of those things and you can be down half way or further. With the Noble Sacrifice nerfs, if he targets you quite a bit, it may not be long before everyone else manages to fall and that sucks and just really doesn’t help. If it wasn’t for those stupid balls (or the fact that they are targeted randomly), it probably wouldn’t be so bad of a fight. At this point, my faith is just in everyone getting him down ASAP and him mostly targeting the same person or the whole thing can come crashing down and it’ll be all my fault.
6. Finally, the final boss. He’s…not so bad once you learn the fight. Main issue is if the people you are with are all over instead of taking a path. Also, while the Raghoul virus grenade things can be cleansed, they can stack quite a bit. As long as you have good DPS though (and again, a good path to move in and people not staying too far–can’t heal you if you’re on the other side of the room), it’s not so bad anymore. …other than his transformation thing which bothers me personally due to previously expressed fears.

I’m not saying it should be on easy mode–I’m just saying it makes me nervous (though, the robot boss could use some nerfing to be honest). And due to my issues with zombies, I personally have problems with the flashpoint. And that is part of what bothers me so much. I was that close to not having to do it again (unless someone really needed a healer and asked me to help them out) and lost because someone figured they’d lose anyway.

With Gargath, I don’t mind him so repeating him was okay. But I hate Lost Island. It scares me, it stresses me out, and it makes me incredibly uncomfortable and nervous. If I was going to have an anxiety attack from this game, this flashpoint would most likely be the cause of it. (that or something being removed that I haven’t saved up for yet)

And even though my stats* aren’t horrible… I just… I can’t put into words how much I hate this flash point. I really wish Midnight Raklings were tradeable so I’d never have to do this flashpoint again. I don’t think I can properly explain just how much I hate it, but I hope this is enough I guess.

*For those who are curious about my stats (as of 8:41AM on June 29th, 2012)…
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Making Plans

So, I will admit, I really like this outfit–almost as much as the Elegant Outfit. I’ve been wanting to use it in some way for a long time, but haven’t been able to think of one. It finally hit me though–I wanted to change into something else for my PVP Gear. I had been thinking of doing another Elegant Outfit, but realized how confusing that could be and I really do not care much for the look of the PVP clothing, so why not use the Consular’s Exalted? (Which means I’ll probably put Roseria in the Force Evangelist outfit like I originally planned)

…of course, it’s incredibly expensive. While I do not plan to get all of it, the parts I do want are as follows:
Consular’s Exalted Headgear – 250,000 (though, honestly, I really don’t care what headgear I get as it’s hidden so I may either just keep the PVP Headgear or get another circlet, though different then the one I am using for my main outfit)
Consular’s Exalted Robe – 250,000
Consular’s Exalted Gloves – 150,000
Consular’s Exalted Lower Robes – 200,000
Consular’s Exalted Boots – 150,000
So… 750K to a million (probably 750K–will most likely just get another circlet)

Not to mention I’d probably want to get Augments so that’s… 5 more Augment Kits (125K) and 5 more Advanced Resolve Augment 22.

…and cost of removing mods and enhancements and stuff… *cries*

Feeling unlucky, Leveling, HK, + Roseria

So, my guild being awesome went and finished Karagga’s Palace normal. Unfortunately, still no pet drop. :/ Which sucks. While I know the pets aren’t common, it seems ridiculous how much we’ve run them… this, Lost Island, and killing Gargath and just nothing. It’s just super depressing. And when you see someone come out of their first run with their brand new pet… it hurts .__.

Anyway, I am hoping to get back to leveling Amidaia soon. Especially as apparently HK-51 may need multiple characters (I feel bad for people who really don’t level other characters much like me. It seems I got lucky for this at least) considering hints to having a level 50 character on one faction and at least mid level on another. I don’t know if I’ll want to get HK on anyone besides Marilea, but if I do, probably just Amidaia. I mean, maybe the rest eventually, but not priority at all other than my main on each faction.

For now, I re-made Roseria, my test character, on Corellian Run. I will be making her DPS, but I honestly can’t decide if I should make her a sage or a shadow. I am leaning towards Sage as while Shadows can, well, sneak, I really prefer ranged combat and Shadows are a bit more up close and person. I’ll probably dress her either in Consulars Exalted or Force Evangelist and with a green color crystal.