Making Plans

So, I will admit, I really like this outfit–almost as much as the Elegant Outfit. I’ve been wanting to use it in some way for a long time, but haven’t been able to think of one. It finally hit me though–I wanted to change into something else for my PVP Gear. I had been thinking of doing another Elegant Outfit, but realized how confusing that could be and I really do not care much for the look of the PVP clothing, so why not use the Consular’s Exalted? (Which means I’ll probably put Roseria in the Force Evangelist outfit like I originally planned)

…of course, it’s incredibly expensive. While I do not plan to get all of it, the parts I do want are as follows:
Consular’s Exalted Headgear – 250,000 (though, honestly, I really don’t care what headgear I get as it’s hidden so I may either just keep the PVP Headgear or get another circlet, though different then the one I am using for my main outfit)
Consular’s Exalted Robe – 250,000
Consular’s Exalted Gloves – 150,000
Consular’s Exalted Lower Robes – 200,000
Consular’s Exalted Boots – 150,000
So… 750K to a million (probably 750K–will most likely just get another circlet)

Not to mention I’d probably want to get Augments so that’s… 5 more Augment Kits (125K) and 5 more Advanced Resolve Augment 22.

…and cost of removing mods and enhancements and stuff… *cries*

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