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Pink tops

If you haven’t guessed, my favorite color is pink. Just…making a quick list of tops that make your outfit pink through the Unify Color system. A ! means I have it, A * means there’s a note for it, and A ~ means it’s a non-orange version of the item (So if someone knows the Orange version, let me know!)

Social Gear:
Republic Dancer’s Top* !

Light Armor:
Traditional Brocart Vestments
Prototype TholCorp Norris Shirt ~ !
Enshrouding Force Robe !
Energized Stalker’s Robe !

Needs to be Tested:
Ulgo Noble
Hutt Cartel
Gunslinger Elite <-- I really want this for my Smuggler Laminoid Battle *Depending on the item, can make them look more red than pink.