Changed back

Well, mostly.

Today, I changed back into my outfit. My boots are pretty close so I left them alone for now until I get Campaign armoring for them (or for my chest piece) as I decided to at least keep the 2-piece bonus which I’ve missed…and honestly, I really can’t afford to change them right now anyway. I’m widdled down to 200K now :/ And any repairs will need to come out of my pocket. The money given to me to change back wasn’t completely enough and I really hate how it’s 30K to take out -the exact same mods- from some Rakata+ thing while it’s just like 25K for orange stuff. Seriously. Not fair.

I’d like to hope for a KP NM run this weekend, but I think they’re mad at me.

In the meantime, I’ve messaged someone selling the Advanced Resolve Armoring 26 to see if they’d be willing to sell it cheaper if I supplied the materials. I don’t know how I’ll afford to buy the materials from my guild yet, but I figured it was worth a shot to ask the person regardless?

There’s another Advanced Mettle Mod 26 up and a Advanced Quick Savant 26 up…still both out of my price range, but it makes me happy to see them there as then maybe when I can finally afford them, it won’t be too hard to get them. Especially as I need 3 of those mods and 2 of those Enhancements x___x and then, I can just focus on Armoring…

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