So, we had a crazy story mode EV run :/ Just several glitches and I even lagged during Soa and ran off the edge at one point in a panic so yeah. Regardless, we finished it fairly quick. Just…was really crazy. Gharj reset for one. Not too unusual, but a lot of our team reacted too slow so half died… Then on the puzzle, the Vault glitched a bit and 5/8 of us died (Myself, my boyfriend, and Sar lived)… then on the solo fights, one player ended up throwing a grenade which hit another and thus, things got messy… Was just really crazy.

In the meantime, I spent some of my Black Hole Commendations. I now have Advanced Resolve Armoring 26 in my Boots and Gloves. Also got an Advanced Mettle Mod 26 for my Top so I just need 2 more of those. I figure I’ll buy a Black Hole Force-Lord’s MK-1 Headgear next as not only will that give me the armoring for my Headgear, but it’ll give me another Mettle Mod 26. Headgear is 60 though so I’ll probably get another Black Hole Striker’s MK-1 Handwraps as that’s only 50…so just 110 Black Hole Commendations to go (Technically just 86 as I have 24 ATM).

…That’ll take a while.

Also, Elidibs told me he would give me the materials for 300K instead of the 800K I’d have to pay my guild for them which is nice of him to offer his guild’s materials. It would also mean I’d only have to pay 900K (600K for the two armorings + 300K for the stuff… not counting however much it ends up costing me Crew Skill-wise for 20 Durasteel, 12 Mandalorian Iron, and 20 Zal Alloy) over 1.4 million (800K for the materials from my guild + the 600K for the Armorings).

…regardless, considering I have only 200K to my name right now, it is going to take a while ._.

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