1.4.2 Patch + Lost Island

To be honest, I’m not completely sure what took so long with this patch (I think it’s a lot of preparations for Free to Play), but it’s nice to see so many bug fixes!

However, what really excited me were the Cartel Coin stuff. You can’t see anything yet, but you can now see how many you currently have that you will get when Free to Play happens. Right now, I have 2400 2600 and considering one of the first things they stated for it are “must-have pets”…I just hope I will be ready for them.

In the meantime, I was dragged to a Lost Island HM run…not used to the new white circles before the blue ones for the robot boss, but it went okay. And now being dragged through EV story mode, but I don’t think I’ll be able to finish it, to be honest… It’s going…interestingly I suppose…but not really in a good way ๐Ÿ˜

Lhosan Thunderbolt GET :D

Was dragged on a Lost Island Run. Other than a few mishaps, it went pretty well. And I got the Lhosan Thunderbolt! Yay! Saves me 200 Daily Commendations.

Besides that, we might do NM EV and KP tonight. Don’t care about EV, but I hope we do KP. I want these codexes done with T__T

Then I just need to worry about getting Campaign gear (Hat, Top, Shoes, Main Hand, and Gloves) and the mount Kephess drops on HM.

So, we had a crazy story mode EV run :/ Just several glitches and I even lagged during Soa and ran off the edge at one point in a panic so yeah. Regardless, we finished it fairly quick. Just…was really crazy. Gharj reset for one. Not too unusual, but a lot of our team reacted too slow so half died… Then on the puzzle, the Vault glitched a bit and 5/8 of us died (Myself, my boyfriend, and Sar lived)… then on the solo fights, one player ended up throwing a grenade which hit another and thus, things got messy… Was just really crazy.

In the meantime, I spent some of my Black Hole Commendations. I now have Advanced Resolve Armoring 26 in my Boots and Gloves. Also got an Advanced Mettle Mod 26 for my Top so I just need 2 more of those. I figure I’ll buy a Black Hole Force-Lord’s MK-1 Headgear next as not only will that give me the armoring for my Headgear, but it’ll give me another Mettle Mod 26. Headgear is 60 though so I’ll probably get another Black Hole Striker’s MK-1 Handwraps as that’s only 50…so just 110 Black Hole Commendations to go (Technically just 86 as I have 24 ATM).

…That’ll take a while.

Also, Elidibs told me he would give me the materials for 300K instead of the 800K I’d have to pay my guild for them which is nice of him to offer his guild’s materials. It would also mean I’d only have to pay 900K (600K for the two armorings + 300K for the stuff… not counting however much it ends up costing me Crew Skill-wise for 20 Durasteel, 12 Mandalorian Iron, and 20 Zal Alloy) over 1.4 million (800K for the materials from my guild + the 600K for the Armorings).

…regardless, considering I have only 200K to my name right now, it is going to take a while ._.

Mounts and Implants

So, first of all, I got my implant ๐Ÿ™‚ Managed to finally get picked up for a group finder group for a random operation–Eternity Vault (and considering I was locked out for KP, no surprise) to get the last 3 Black Hole Commendations I needed for it. I also managed to get the Tirsa Elite so yay! I no longer have any reason to do Eternity Vault ever again.

Besides that, all my mods are done! Yay. My boyfriend bought me the last Aptitude, I bought my last Mettle, and thanks to various awesome people (well, except for one who only did due to essentially being told to), I got the rest. Thank you guys so much T~T

However, my Surge is now too low. I’m not sure what to switch (Most likely a Crit + Alacrity), but this is a bit of an issue.

At the moment, I probably just need:
1. An Advanced Resolve Hilt 26–will need to take from the Campaign Force-Mystic’s Lightsaber
2. Advanced Battle Enhancement 26 – There is one for like 650K on the Market. It can be gotten from the Black Hole Striker’s MK-1 Boots. However, they cost 50 Black Hole Commendations so it’ll be… a long while before I can afford them.
3. Advanced Adept Enhancement 26 – I need at least one of these to upgrade a 25 one. There are currently none listed on the market right now though. Not to mention if my Crit gets too high (See #5), I may need to switch some Crit + Surge (not many) to Power and Surge.
4. Similarly, if the above happens, I may also need more Advanced Quick Savant. As it is, both I have are 25 so I could probably use two 26 versions of each…and more if my Crit gets too high (I have mostly Crit and Alacrity)
5. Most of the Mettle mods are 25 while all the Aptitude are 26. I actually need 3 Advanced Mettle Mod 26. At the moment, my Crit is at 35.92%. It really can’t be higher. As for why I don’t switch Mettle to Aptitude then–not only are Aptitude more expensive, but the amount of crit the 26 will add isn’t that high–but I do need the Willpower. This can just be modified more in Enhancements. There’s currently no Mettle Mod 26’s up for sale right now ๐Ÿ™
6. Finally, I still need 6 more Advanced Resolve Armoring 26.

Moving on, set bonuses are attached to the Armoring right? Some of the Campaign Force Mystic armoring is not Resolve and just…sucks. So I will probably end up having the 2 and 2 bonus which isn’t so bad–it’s what I’m used to and the extra 50 force really isn’t a big deal.

but yes, I just…I’m so close. Seriously, credits, stop being so hard to get.

anyway, I’m really not looking forward to Tuesday. I…really don’t want to switch my mods out to a outfit for a set bonus that is useless.

The Infernal

Yep! We got the title ๐Ÿ˜€ Did it within 2 hours (Only wiped a little on Soa and slightly on the Pylons (we got out alive more or less though) due to the puzzles starting before we even started them up).

Very exciting! Not to mention this means I have EV 100% done! Well, sort of, I still need the Normal mode mount, but that drops from KP too and Kaon. Hopefully we’ll do KP Nightmare and Nightmare Pilgrim soon!

Besides that, I just need one more Advanced Mettle Mod 25 (or 4 26–only have gotten 25’s, but 25 is minimum I need so!) and 2 more Advanced Aptitude Mettle Mod 25/26. And I’m just 8 BH commendations away from the Implant I need.

Depending on how it goes, it seems I may actually need more Aptitude mods…and of course, I’ll have to play around with the enhancements. I wish I had more credits so I could just get this stuff done and over with.

Return to EV NM and Hurt feelings

So, firstly, I’m a very dedicated person. I may run late sometimes (due to whatever), but I will almost always be there. We ran to the store tonight and 15 minutes before we got back, I was replaced by another healer for KP Hard Mode. Now, as everyone should know, I’m pretty much farming KP due to pet-ness. So that hurt. A lot. I’m still kind of upset. Thankfully, the pet didn’t drop, but I just wish they could’ve waited a bit more–at the same time, I’m upset with myself as if I didn’t go to the store (which actually didn’t take long–the lines were what took so long), I would’ve been there.

Moving on, since everyone was still on, we decided to give Eternity Vault Nightmare Mode another shot. And, well, we did it. Took 3 tries, but the first try Soa was aggro’d early (3 of our members weren’t even there yet), second we somehow missed a pylon (finally know why you need to hit 5 of them though), and thus, the third everything went well and smooth (well, more or less, we missed a pylon at the end to break his shield so he enraged–we did pretty well though, but lost 3 people near the end).

We’ll have to go back again though to try for “the Infernal” title…but I think we can do it.

A little down

Today, I got to do my first try at Eternity Vault Nightmare mode! We got all the way to Soa, but didn’t finish.

It took us an hour on the droid. Most of the time due to deaths which were my fault ๐Ÿ™ I’m…not very good with positioning. It might just have to do with my bad aim that makes me have so much trouble with it, but once someone explains more how I’m supposed to stand, I am good. It can take me a bit to get used to if I have to move a lot position-wise though. Anyway, after getting situated: first time getting to 7% while several other times 5%…finally figured out a good way and got him fully down. Considering he only needs to get to about 3%, we were very close. Rest was very easy… Soa…well, it seems people were having issues with the lightning balls again.

So, Lightning Ball tips:
1. If you’re low on health, USE A MED PACK AND ASK A SAGE FOR A BUBBLE. Holding off will actually make it worse as the lightning will follow you and send electric shots.

2. Always run straight through the boss–do not run around or wait.

3. CLICK THE LIGHTNING AND SEE WHO IT IS TARGETING! Or if you do not have target of target, just head either left or right and see if the lightning you are closed to follows or not.

4. Stay away from the other person’s ball. The explosion will hurt you more than it will hurt them–the other ball can also shock you.

After that, we didn’t reset because it would kill our chance and if we did it perfectly, we’d have just made it… unfortunately, Soa glitched and had enrage-level damage so everyone died almost immediately… which ruined our last shot. Essentially we were screwed either way because if we reset the instance, we’d have lost the timed run buff too.

I just… wish the lightning didn’t seem to give people so much trouble? Besides that, we actually had several people who weren’t full (or had like 0-2 pieces) Rakata so considering, we did really well.

I guess I’m just kind of disappointed as we pretty much had it. Yay for two new codexes at least. We shall hopefully be getting the group together again at another time to try doing Nightmare Soa again so at least if we do, we’ll get another new codex, even if the title will have to wait until another time…

Feeling like a jerk

So, currently really hating myself. Not that I ever hold myself high in regard to begin with, but I’ve even lower than usual ATM.

We were raiding tonight and I just screwed everything up. Besides some accidental aggroing, I also jokingly went REVENGE when I ended up winning the Eternity Vault HM Speeder (first time I’ve won an operation speeder…and a hard mode speeder in general)…and then just felt really bad. They’ve wanted it for a long time and I somehow wanted it and now I really hate myself and bleh.

About to try Gargath again, but I just feel really upset and like a total jerk.

edit: failure again.

Week Highlights

Despite being away in Florida for work again, I did find some time to pop online while there and try out the game on my laptop. In general, it tends to work a lot better (definitely loads better and I’ve been getting new kinds of lag spikes on my computer which are incredibly annoying), but I definitely need to get used to the controls and bigger screen. As it is, it seems my interface is a bit glitchy on my computer lately as well which is all kinds of annoying.

Moving on, I got to raid with my guild a bit a few days ago. We did Normal EV to get rid of the daily, a complete HM Karagga (But still no Pet drop! At least I finally have all the HM codexes there) and then yesterday a complete run of Normal Explosive Conflict. We (as in the group I am in) may even do HM soon which I’m more than a little nervous about.

EC makes me very nervous. As it is, I almost screwed up the entire raid on the tanks due to:
1. Not realizing they wanted me on the inside of the lightning tank.
2. Not realizing I could run through the actual tank.

Once I realized though (and re-fixed my camera), we did it perfectly fine. But I’m still worried about positioning and stuff with the first boss when it comes to HM after what happened last time.

Also managed to go to Gargath with a random group which was nice… no pet there either but of course now he keeps dropping the Ice Scrabbler Schematic ๐Ÿ˜ spite I tell you.

As for the PTS, I’ve done about 5 runs with Group Finder. Have gotten Hammer Station everytime though (using my lower level character as then it doesn’t matter if I get healing or DPS).

PVP also went okay today. Ups and downs but had a really good (and close match) earlier that ended with us winning while we had 2% left in Novare Coast. Was super suspenseful and action packed and just kind of awesome.

I just wish I could get the pets already. With 1.3 so close, I’m feeling more stressed out by the second. On the bright side, I officially have enough for one of the pets when 1.3 comes (and halfway to the other–will need to re-earn 2K normal Warzone commendations essentially). Now if I could just refer a friend who would actually get the game v-v And actually earn a good amount of credits. Out of stims and can’t afford to buy more. Most of my money is going to repairs (Though, usually I won’t have too much more than the Guild Funds I can use. I just sometimes forget to use the Guild Funds), stims, companion gifts, and random oter things. v-v

For now, back to the Test Server.

Random Chat

First of all, there is going to be a SWTOR Encylopedia which I am looking forward to as I’d love to see more about the story. It’s too bad it won’t be out until much later in the year.

Besides that, 1.3 will be up on the test server too and you can sign up to have your character copied over to help test it out. I ended up signing up as I’d love to check things out.

Now, onto actual ingame things:
–Amidaia is currently level 41. We have just a little left on Quesh and then will either be heading to Hoth or Alderaan (the bonus series there). We also finally caught up on flash points and will possibly do The Foundry before heading back over to Quesh.
–Operation progress continues on Marilea. We did a more or less perfect run through of Explosive Conflict on Tuesday so we did Eternity Vault and Karagga’s Palace Hard Mode today. We did get through EV, but ended up getting stuck at Karagga for KP due to a few odd happenings. We’ll hopefully try again sometime before Tuesday.
–Amidaia’s Cybertech is over 300 so 2/3 speeders have been made so far. Yay.
–I’m still super poor. Not really getting any closer to saving up for anything.
–Still no luck on drop pets either or news on Wondrous Egg ๐Ÿ™

But yes, it’s nice to at least be getting some stuff done. Now if I just had 7.5-10.5+ million credits and the last several pets I need, maybe I’d stop stressing so much.