A little down

Today, I got to do my first try at Eternity Vault Nightmare mode! We got all the way to Soa, but didn’t finish.

It took us an hour on the droid. Most of the time due to deaths which were my fault 🙁 I’m…not very good with positioning. It might just have to do with my bad aim that makes me have so much trouble with it, but once someone explains more how I’m supposed to stand, I am good. It can take me a bit to get used to if I have to move a lot position-wise though. Anyway, after getting situated: first time getting to 7% while several other times 5%…finally figured out a good way and got him fully down. Considering he only needs to get to about 3%, we were very close. Rest was very easy… Soa…well, it seems people were having issues with the lightning balls again.

So, Lightning Ball tips:
1. If you’re low on health, USE A MED PACK AND ASK A SAGE FOR A BUBBLE. Holding off will actually make it worse as the lightning will follow you and send electric shots.

2. Always run straight through the boss–do not run around or wait.

3. CLICK THE LIGHTNING AND SEE WHO IT IS TARGETING! Or if you do not have target of target, just head either left or right and see if the lightning you are closed to follows or not.

4. Stay away from the other person’s ball. The explosion will hurt you more than it will hurt them–the other ball can also shock you.

After that, we didn’t reset because it would kill our chance and if we did it perfectly, we’d have just made it… unfortunately, Soa glitched and had enrage-level damage so everyone died almost immediately… which ruined our last shot. Essentially we were screwed either way because if we reset the instance, we’d have lost the timed run buff too.

I just… wish the lightning didn’t seem to give people so much trouble? Besides that, we actually had several people who weren’t full (or had like 0-2 pieces) Rakata so considering, we did really well.

I guess I’m just kind of disappointed as we pretty much had it. Yay for two new codexes at least. We shall hopefully be getting the group together again at another time to try doing Nightmare Soa again so at least if we do, we’ll get another new codex, even if the title will have to wait until another time…

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