1.4.2 Patch + Lost Island

To be honest, I’m not completely sure what took so long with this patch (I think it’s a lot of preparations for Free to Play), but it’s nice to see so many bug fixes!

However, what really excited me were the Cartel Coin stuff. You can’t see anything yet, but you can now see how many you currently have that you will get when Free to Play happens. Right now, I have 2400 2600 and considering one of the first things they stated for it are “must-have pets”…I just hope I will be ready for them.

In the meantime, I was dragged to a Lost Island HM run…not used to the new white circles before the blue ones for the robot boss, but it went okay. And now being dragged through EV story mode, but I don’t think I’ll be able to finish it, to be honest… It’s going…interestingly I suppose…but not really in a good way 😐

9 thoughts on “1.4.2 Patch + Lost Island

  1. 2500 for me. What did you lose the 100 on? I have 1000 for CE, 150 x 6 for January-June, and 200 x 3 for July-September. Presumably 200 more are coming for this month.


    • That is what I was wondering so I sent a message. I know the Free month with the Tauntaun Ram is why I lost 150 but I still feel short. What day do you get charged? I get charged like the 19th. But I also got an extra 250 from the Digital Deluxe too so just waiting to hear back as I felt it was off


      • Hmm I need to amend that. The F2P page says 200-per starts with August, not July. So it looks like I wasn’t counted as subbed for January, my first payment counted towards February, which makes sense kinda since the first month was included in buying the game. So October is in fact counted.

        I next get charged on the 12th of December, 2013 due to a buttload of added time cards 😛 but my first payment was on the 22nd of January.


          • Nope everything is accounted for on my end. So you got 250 for DD plus 1000 for CE later? I thought you were only supposed to get the 1000 in that case 😉


  2. Also I did LI last night and it was totally a joke with the changes. Of course I did it with 3 guildies in full Campaign using Vent, but still. We oneshot everything, plus awesomeness: first boss only dropped 4 circles, Sav-Rak skipped his smash twice, and Dr Lorrick only took 2 tanks to get to the second phase (including 1 tank that we killed completely so the add never came out). High DPS is awesome 😀


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