The Cave Mystery Delves Deeper

I woke up this morning to an e-mail from an anonymous tipper about another item that maybe when paired with the previously mentioned mask could cause something to do with the cave.

What item, you ask? The Dreadful Amulet. Just the descriptions about instilling fear and the whole chilling presence… suspicious. And from what our Anonymous Tipper said along with the descriptions, I do think the idea of a boss spawning is more likely. I just hope, whatever the boss may drop (if it is a boss of course), that if there is another pet…100% drop rate please. or very high. please. As with most bosses though, I’m sure there will be some codex attached at the least.

Looking through Torhead’s Database, some other “Dread” and “Dreadful” Results that piqued my interest are (Minus the Dread Guard gear + and some lower level Sith stuff obviously obviously) were a title (though, since I’m sure there will be a fight against the Dread Masters in a operation already, that could possibly be later…), this purple stuff which I believe is how you get Dreadtooth into his other phases so probably not what we’re looking for unless someone wants to try and use it in the cave, and this guy who is apparently categorized as a raid boss. Obviously, again, since I’m sure we’ll fight the Dread Masters in an operation eventually, it could just be an early implemented data thing or something… but for now, it is marked highly suspicious.

To our Anonymous Tipper: Thank you for your lovely tip! I just wish you included your e-mail so I could respond to you personally T~T <3 SO, to all our friends on the test server, if you have the mask and have gotten this amulet (To be honest, I don't even know if it drops from Dreadtooth? We can hope?), please try entering the cave and using the amulet while having the mask on and see if anything happens!

I shall be updating the Cave post with my ideas shortly.

4 thoughts on “The Cave Mystery Delves Deeper

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  2. I already told u we tested this and nothing happened 😛

    The Amulet is more than likely the buff that you get when equipping the Helmet. Right now on the PTS the buff has the icon of the Necklace, but it doesn’t have a Tooltip for a description.

    We went into the cave on the PTS with the helmet, and nothing happened.


    • You guys only tested the helmet 😛 not with the amulet! And I mentioned that in the helmet post.

      The amulet is an actual unique item with a buff of it’s own on use thus the theory of both together.

      …however, what did the buff when wearing the helmet say?


  3. Bloodguts did you trying using the HK excavator in the cave? Probably a long shot but could be worth a shot.


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