The Way Dreadtooth works

So, while talking to Bloodguts about the Amulet with the mask over just the mask itself (as CKN was awesome enough to try it and sadly nothing with it alone), we got into the discussion about the mask and Dreadtooth.

First of all, the mask’s buff looks like the necklace. This is a HUGE flag to me and makes the necklace even more suspicious considering the item is both “unique” and can apparently be “used”. However, nobody has actually seen the necklace yet. The mask, however, does have a 100% drop rate.

Dreadtooth has a buff that starts at 1. When he is defeated, he drops an item called “Dreadful Essence”. Using that item causes the buff to rise by 1 and him being defeated causes it to rise… it also ups when he respawns (although, I am not sure what his respawn rate is). The more he has, the harder he is. You can apparently take him down with 8 people when he has 1-2… 3-4, you need about 16 people. Any higher is much harder. Due to the fact that the ops group caps at 24, I’m not sure if that will always be enough or if you actually will need several groups (which can be an issue in itself). Regardless, eventually when he has enough stacks, he changes “forms” into either Corrupted, Nightmarish, or Frenzied and so on and so forth. I’m not sure how the buff resets, I do know there is some kind of order (although, I am unsure what…it’s normal then Form 1 then Form 2 then FOrm 3) if you chain those Dreadful essences on him.

On the otherhand, it’s possible that you need to save the ones he drops and use them before fighting him to trigger a form which could take a while. I’m sure more information will be out when he is officially out.

However, considering the forms each have a different codex, it makes me wonder if the loot is also different and thus, the Amulet will not drop except on a specific form (if it drops from Dreadtooth at all), hopefully also had a 100% drop rate.

Obviously, this is all just speculating, but it’s interesting to think about. And heck, we dont’ even know how much Dreadful Essence he needs to hit each form either. Regardless, it’s fun to think about.

(also, note to people in my guild reading this blog for some reason: WHY? T~T)

Edit: He only has a 30 minute respawn timer so yay. Codex-wise:
Normal (1 and 2 stacks) -> Corrupted (3 and 4) -> Frenzied (5 and 6) -> Nightmarish (7+)
At least now I know what to look for.

5 thoughts on “The Way Dreadtooth works

  1. Because we need to try and learn what you are thinking. Besides, I read it so I know if there is anything that I can help you work on… Like the times I have already…



      Am I that complicated though? T~T But yes, you are awesome with helpingness. Too bad there is nothing I can do to help in return 🙁


      • Actually you have. That being said, I may get you to help me grab some datacrons one day so we’ll call it even after that. (And when I wrote that the group was on a brb break…)


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