Free to Play Trailer!

So, on the website, a trailer was released for Free to Play!

Some highlights:



I remember it being shown in a datadump some firework items… I wonder if they will be sold or something to celebrate. May be a Cartel Market item…speaking of which…


Breaking it down:
-Ignoring that the prices are totally marked out… The Carbonite Chamber returns! For those who may be unable to read what it says under it: “Impress your friends by encasing yourself in carbonite! Encase your character in Carbonite while using this effect. This Carbonite Chamber will rapidly heal your character while out of combat.”
-I have circled pets because pets. There is no other reason needed but pets. The Monkey Lizard that was already confirmed is there, however, it seems that there is one other with it. I would guess either a Wraid, Horranth, or Blurrg but I am unsure.
-New speeder! The Longspur Sportster
-It does look like the Cartel Packs are just packs of certain items and not cruel random boxes. The Monkey Lizard is part of the “Crime Lord’s Cartel Pack”. I sure hope the items can be sold/traded or they can be bought separately as I just want the Monkey Lizard.

And while I did not take a screenshot, the Holographic Rancor was also shown so yes, both of the other Fan Favorite voting participants will be available–just not given for free.

so yay~

4 thoughts on “Free to Play Trailer!

  1. When you say the carbonite chamber “returns,” what do you mean? Was it previously available in the game? If so, where/when?


    • When Free to Play was first announced, players were allowed to vote through Facebook on which item we’d get for staying subscribed for Free-to-Play. The choices were the Party Jawa, a Holo Rancor, and the Carbonite Chamber. Party Jawa won by a huuuuge margin with the Carbonite Chamber in second and the Holo Rancor in last.


    • pfft, it is totally awesome as it flies around with balloons and confetti and stuff! 😛

      I’m just excited, honestly. I think they seem to be doing a good job with Free-to-Play~


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