Mounts and Implants

So, first of all, I got my implant 🙂 Managed to finally get picked up for a group finder group for a random operation–Eternity Vault (and considering I was locked out for KP, no surprise) to get the last 3 Black Hole Commendations I needed for it. I also managed to get the Tirsa Elite so yay! I no longer have any reason to do Eternity Vault ever again.

Besides that, all my mods are done! Yay. My boyfriend bought me the last Aptitude, I bought my last Mettle, and thanks to various awesome people (well, except for one who only did due to essentially being told to), I got the rest. Thank you guys so much T~T

However, my Surge is now too low. I’m not sure what to switch (Most likely a Crit + Alacrity), but this is a bit of an issue.

At the moment, I probably just need:
1. An Advanced Resolve Hilt 26–will need to take from the Campaign Force-Mystic’s Lightsaber
2. Advanced Battle Enhancement 26 – There is one for like 650K on the Market. It can be gotten from the Black Hole Striker’s MK-1 Boots. However, they cost 50 Black Hole Commendations so it’ll be… a long while before I can afford them.
3. Advanced Adept Enhancement 26 – I need at least one of these to upgrade a 25 one. There are currently none listed on the market right now though. Not to mention if my Crit gets too high (See #5), I may need to switch some Crit + Surge (not many) to Power and Surge.
4. Similarly, if the above happens, I may also need more Advanced Quick Savant. As it is, both I have are 25 so I could probably use two 26 versions of each…and more if my Crit gets too high (I have mostly Crit and Alacrity)
5. Most of the Mettle mods are 25 while all the Aptitude are 26. I actually need 3 Advanced Mettle Mod 26. At the moment, my Crit is at 35.92%. It really can’t be higher. As for why I don’t switch Mettle to Aptitude then–not only are Aptitude more expensive, but the amount of crit the 26 will add isn’t that high–but I do need the Willpower. This can just be modified more in Enhancements. There’s currently no Mettle Mod 26’s up for sale right now 🙁
6. Finally, I still need 6 more Advanced Resolve Armoring 26.

Moving on, set bonuses are attached to the Armoring right? Some of the Campaign Force Mystic armoring is not Resolve and just…sucks. So I will probably end up having the 2 and 2 bonus which isn’t so bad–it’s what I’m used to and the extra 50 force really isn’t a big deal.

but yes, I just…I’m so close. Seriously, credits, stop being so hard to get.

anyway, I’m really not looking forward to Tuesday. I…really don’t want to switch my mods out to a outfit for a set bonus that is useless.

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