So, new thing has been stated in the guild where if you need the level 8 crafting materials for personal use, it’ll be 50K for Blue Mods and 100K for Purple Mods.

Maybe I’m just bothered because I’m probably the only one in the guild who can’t afford them, but it just seems silly to do considering a bunch of people in the guild work together to get them in the first place.

Of course, maybe the rule was put in place due to some people taking them and then selling them? That’s…super screwed up though.

Or maybe it just makes me further annoyed that it seems one of the people in the guild who could make certain things people need just keeps selling them for ridiculous prices when they know someone needs them.

I just wish I had the credits to get this over with–the more I hit the stupid wall, the more it makes it hard to play. As it is, I may need to change my mods over to the stupid set bonus gear and the thought of that alone makes me want to cry.

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