Return to EV NM and Hurt feelings

So, firstly, I’m a very dedicated person. I may run late sometimes (due to whatever), but I will almost always be there. We ran to the store tonight and 15 minutes before we got back, I was replaced by another healer for KP Hard Mode. Now, as everyone should know, I’m pretty much farming KP due to pet-ness. So that hurt. A lot. I’m still kind of upset. Thankfully, the pet didn’t drop, but I just wish they could’ve waited a bit more–at the same time, I’m upset with myself as if I didn’t go to the store (which actually didn’t take long–the lines were what took so long), I would’ve been there.

Moving on, since everyone was still on, we decided to give Eternity Vault Nightmare Mode another shot. And, well, we did it. Took 3 tries, but the first try Soa was aggro’d early (3 of our members weren’t even there yet), second we somehow missed a pylon (finally know why you need to hit 5 of them though), and thus, the third everything went well and smooth (well, more or less, we missed a pylon at the end to break his shield so he enraged–we did pretty well though, but lost 3 people near the end).

We’ll have to go back again though to try for “the Infernal” title…but I think we can do it.

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