Thanks to a lovely donation from a guildmate, I finally have some ship unlocks! T~T I bought the mailbox and Repair Droid and just SO HAPPY. Eeeeee 😀 I’m not going to buy any of the things the Repair Droid is selling right now (will probably buy the Synthweaving one though) as I only have about 250K and it’s 100K for one.

So, now, I just need 5 million for the ship GTN and then 1 million for both dummies. But still, having 1.5 million off that is SO NICE. It’s nice to be able to say just 6 million to go even though that’s such a huge number.

I still need the 3 million for races though and I may, at the very least, use the next 1.5 million to make my Smuggler. Then I’ll probably work towards the 6 million. After that, depending on how far along I am with characters, I’ll either go for 2 million for Rocket Boots or work up the 1.5 million for my Trooper.

However, I’m going to try and have about 500K on reserve for 1.3–350K for Augment Kits and about 150K just as a general expenses thing like repairs. While that won’t really leave much room for buying 1.3 Legacy unlocks, I don’t expect to get them anytime soon anyway due to their prices. Not to mention it seems it may be more beneficial to just buy companion gifts than try for the small boost you’d get from the legacy unlock. I would, at the very least though, like to get the 500K for all 3 stages of the Repair Droid and at least the first stage of the Mail one (However, if it’s just 60K, why not get them all?). I’m not in a rush to get the Field Respec droid though so I don’t expect to get that very quickly. But yeah, regardless, I doubt I’ll have 1 million to 1.5 million 😛 I think 500K will be hard enough for me.

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