yeeeeees, I finally have mine! So exciting! I took out my old +33 one for a few reasons:
1. Sentimental–It was really a lot of fun getting it so I wanted to save it.
2. Some of the ingredients to make it = pain.
3. I can give it to an alt or companion

I do expect pretty much all my characters to have a pink lightsaber/pink bullets so they all will have one eventually, but I wouldn’t mind some companions getting them either. I’ve essentially thought out most of them:

Qyzen – Green. I don’t even know if this would effect his weapon though. 🙁
Tharan – Cyan. He already has his 😛
Zenith – Purple.
Iresso – Red.
Nadia – White. Unfortunately, this won’t happen for a while :/

And while I don’t know enough about my other companions yet, I figured out to some extent regardless (of course, these are subject to change):
Khem Val – Red
Andronikus – Orange or Purple
Ashara – Pink and Purple/Black-Purple
Talos – Yellow or Green
Xalek – Red or Purple

Corso – Orange or Blue
Bowdarr – Green
Risha – Yellow
Akaavi – Red or Purple
Guss – Yellow, Green, or Cyan

Kaliyo – Purple
Vector – Orange
Doctor Lokin – White or Blue
Raina – Yellow
SCORPIO – Green or White

Mako – Purple
Gault – Red
Torian – Cyan
Blizz – Green
Skadge – Orange or Red

Aric – Orange or Red
Elara – White
M1-4X – Green or Orange
Tanno – Yellow
Yuun – Orange

and if I ever decide to suffer through a Jedi Knight or Sith Warrior:
T7-01 – Cyan or Green
Kira – Red
Doc – Purple
Sergeant Rusk – Blue
Lord Scourge – Red

Vette – Cyan or Green
Quinn – Purple
Jaesa – Green, Purple, or Red
Lieutenant Pierce – Orange
Broonmark – White, Blue, or Cyan

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