30 Days of SWTOR: Content List

A fun meme popped up on Tumblr and I decided it’d be a good idea to put it here too 🙂 So, just click the links to see <3 I'll include the answers here as well so you just need to click for the Photo Set.
1. YOUR FIRST CHARACTER: 30 Days of SWTOR: Your first character

Marilea the [Female, Human] Jedi Consular who advanced to Sage-ness :3

I adore her a lot and made her originally in Beta. I made sure to note everything down and completely remade her in the actual game.

She’s my only level 50 character and will always be my main character so I’ve been working hard on completing everything with her.

2. YOUR FAVORITE CLASS: 30 Days of SWTOR: Your favorite class.

I really enjoy both the Sage and Sorcerer for essentially the same reasons:

I like magic-based classes in general in games as do I love healing. I’m not big on guns or up-close and personal combat so I usually pick a healing/magic-based class.

I will essentially always go for the best healing class and if there is none, I will go for a magic-based class.

In this case, the Sage and Sorcerer both have what I enjoy and also have the added bonus of being able to off-DPS and/or off-Tank, both things I like to do while I can still focus on healing.

However, the Sage wins slightly as I actually prefer rocks (though, overall, I prefer water-related spells 🙁 Neither has that, though) to lightning and I think the golden-healing-hues are better than the purple (and the Bubble over a purple version of a Pokemon attack). I do like the Sorcerer’s knock back animation a lot more…but other than that, the Sage tends to win it out for me.

When it comes down to skills though (As other then the fact that Sorcerer can do Elemental and the different poses, they are the same), they essentially are made-up of what I love in a class.

3. YOUR FAVORITE PLANET: 30 Days of SWTOR: Your favorite planet

For me, it’s probably a tie between Alderaan and Hoth. I love the architecture and the scenery and both are just so absolutely gorgeous.

I also enjoy Denova a lot and the only reason I’m not counting it as it’s only featured in an Operation and a PVP area right now so…

Hoth and Ilum would probably be a tie for close second as I love snow in general (Ilum may beat Hoth slightly if only for the beautiful sky).

If we went by leveling…well, to be honest, all planets are kind of an equal field, in that case.

4. YOUR FAVORITE COMPANION: 30 Days of SWTOR: Your Favorite Companion

Off the top of my head, I’d probably say Tharan, Qyzen, and Nadia. The first two for character development purposes and the latter for just her general personality.

If I had to pick one overall, I’d have to say Tharan for being the only companion who isn’t “kill-kill-kill” (Though, at least Qyzen has a good reason for it with his culture and all). I know Nadia doesn’t as well, but her companion story is, well, not much of a story at all (though, at least you get some story from her while going through your own) which is what lowers her a bit.

But yeah, I liked Tharan–he was a bit of a flirty jerk without being a complete donkey and his story showed a lot of character development. I didn’t think I’d like him, but he definitely grew on me.

5. THE WORST COMPANION: 30 Days of SWTOR: The Worst Companion

I dislike him so much, I apparently don’t even really have a screenshot with him.

Anyway, Lt. Iresso. Hands down. 2 conversations in and he brutally hits on you. I didn’t even realize he was hitting on me at first with his horrible flirt. “Explore the ship” yeah, okay.

And if you tell him no, “I’ll just have to watch from afar”? Really? So you’re going to stalk me now? Creep.

(And his companion story also just kind of ends. The “conclusion” sucks, if you can even call it that)

6. THE WORST PLANET: Taris: Rakghouls make me nervous. I don’t really like zombies so that and the abandoned hospitals and stuff freak me out. Not to mention when we were doing it, they still had the whole issue where certain areas that you ended up walking into would cause frame rate to drop to 1.

Belsavis: Besides being repeatable… Colicoids. So many. And the QUEEN. Dear god, that bonus series was terrible. (Belsavis is much better on the Imperial Side at least. Yay for Cessik)

7. THE BEST STORYLINE: The Best Storyline

Having only played the Jedi Consular’s story in full (and seen the Jedi Knight’s in full), it’s hard to really say? I have seen about 2/3 of the way of Chapter 1 of the Sorcerer’s and Warrior’s story lines but…

From what I have seen though, all story lines have their pros and cons.

For me, I enjoyed the Consular story line more or less. There were parts that creeped me out (Like your master wanting to eat you when sick or the surgery you do at one point to remove one of the thingys you need from someone–I believe it was on Nar Shaddaa? And when you got stopped on your ship by a Child of the Emperor) and some that surprised me. (Though, I had actually thought Syo was totally the bad guy to begin with–surprised me when he wasn’t the bad guy for that part but was the one in the end)

And I’ve been having fun with my Sorcerer (who is a Princess! Woo!) as well, but the upcoming betrayal thing really scares me.

As for Republic vs. Imperial… I definitely preferred the Imperial side on Belsavis. Republic, however, has less things that really upset me. I’m still upset over the water-poisoning thing “KILL THEM SLOWLY OR IMMEDIATELY?” Why no option to save them? 🙁

8. YOUR FAVORITE SHIP: 30 Days of SWTOR: Your Favorite Ship

I really like the outer design of the Consular ship and the inner layout…however, I dislike the furniture-styles (Colors are fine–just the actual styles) and there really aren’t that many rooms. The Trooper ship is lovely on the inside–it has all kinds of room, nice furniture, and even an upstairs for your deck.

All Imperial Ships have fancy furniture and the deck area is really nice. However, the layouts (more of what room is where) suck. I do like the placement of the chairs and table in the Inquisitor ship though.

As for the Knight ship–while mostly the same as the Consular’s, I prefer where their ship droid is.

9. WHAT KIND OF PLAYER ARE YOU: 30 Days of SWTOR: What Kind of Player Are you

This is actually a hard question to answer–if only because it’s not specific enough so I’m not really sure what it’s asking,

I’m a healer and a collector. I enjoy healing a lot (and also off-DPSing and holding my own ground to some extent–tanking the Infected Bantha for about several minutes while waiting for everyone to get back was pretty awesome) and it’s essentially what I’m good at.

I’m generally nice and easily exciteable. I also love exploring. New quests and new things to see always get me incredibly excited.

My favorite things to collect are Pets. Everything else is kind of equal and up there. I would say for non-items, probably stuff like Lore and Codexes.

I’m pretty bad at PVP. I focus too much on objectives and sometimes forget to heal people. I also dislike killing people–especially if I’ve spoken to or played with them before. Makes me feel bad. And I always end up getting upset when people kill me @-@

I also really suck at MMO terms. The Lingo goes right over my head sometimes 🙁

In general though, I’m pretty nice and determined and just like to help others. I’m also pretty shy so I get nervous asking for a group @-@ And yeah.

oh. and I can’t stand repeating things so dailies = my worst nemesis.

10. YOUR FAVORITE WARZONE: 30 Days of SWTOR: Your Favorite Warzone

Probably either Civil War or Novare Coast. Civil War because I find it more interesting—plus, when you have a team that knows what they are doing, it can be a lot of fun. Novare Coast is just really pretty because, well, Denova.

11. THE WORST WARZONE: 30 Days of SWTOR: The Worst Warzone

Hutt Ball isn’t so bad until it becomes more kill-obsessed than the actual point. I think it’d be more fun if it wasn’t so kill focused 🙁

Void Star isn’t so bad either, but it’s very small and there’s not room to do much. You can usually figure out what someone is going to do due to that as well which makes it a bit boring.

12. HOW DO YOU PLAY; SOLO/GUILD: 30 Days of SWTOR: How do you play; Solo or Guild?

I actually play a little bit of both. Our server is a fairly nicely populated–we’re balanced with Imperial and Republic characters and there’s a good group of people without it being too crowded or too few.

The main issue there is a lot of people are in guilds so pick-up groups are near impossible to find for things like Operations and even World Bosses at times. So in a sense, being in a guild makes it a lot easier.

I don’t play too often solo though as I’m usually always with my boyfriend when I play. But yeah, I have filled in for various guilds for operations and done a few things with my new guild too. Sometimes with my boyfriend–sometimes not, but when it comes to general leveling… it’s usually with him.

13. YOUR FAVORITE FLASHPOINT: 30 Days of SWTOR: Your favorite flashpoint

My favorite is probably Esseles. It was my first and it’s a lot more story-based than the rest of them. Between nostalgia and the story, it easily wins.

14. THE WORST FLASHPOINT: 30 Days of SWTOR: Worst Flashpoint

This is very easy: Teral V.

It’s just…long. While I’ve done some speed runs with it thanks to some people who know what they are doing (18-25 minutes), I’ve essentially been permanently scarred after a run that went horribly wrong (due to our other members not listening–especially the tank) and took about 4-5 hours to complete.

There has never been a flashpoint that I have never wanted to see again as much as that one.

Runner-up’s would be:
1. Directive 7 – I really dislike most of the robot bosses. They make me incredibly nervous and that’s all this flashpoint is.
2. Kaon Under Siege – Zombies freak me out and this is like out of a horror game.
3. Lost Island – The above + evil robot boss. (And the final boss is kind of scary too)

15. YOUR FAVORITE SIDE; REPUBLIC/EMPIRE: 30 Days of SWTOR: Your Favorite Side; Republic/Empire:

Both have their pros and cons, honestly. Empire is a lot fancier and shinier. Republic is quite a bit nicer though. Just because I’ve been more depressed over Imperial quests, I’d say Republic as it makes me less sad at times.

16. A SCREENSHOT YOU LIKE: 30 Days of SWTOR: A Screenshot You Like

I love waterfalls and Denova is just gorgeous so… besides that–big group shots are really nice too.

17. YOUR LEGACY NAME: 30 Days of SWTOR: Your Legacy Name: Naberrie.

I wanted something princess-y and at the time, didn’t know you could do the whole thing. When I did find out, I was thinking maybe Royal or Regal would work as then I could show it on all my characters (Naberrie would only be shown on my main character) but someone got into my head that it would probably not be allowed so I didn’t try which was just stupid of me really.

I did get the Royal Legacy on the test server however.
To be honest though, I’m surprised I did get Naberrie or that they haven’t had me change it yet…and a little part of me almost wants them to so I could try for Royal 🙁 but that may be gone now so now it’s just kind of a weird catch-22 of frustration.

18. NAME AND WHAT KIND IS YOUR SERVER: 30 Days of SWTOR: Name and What Kind is Your Server: Corellian Run.

It’s a fairly nice server (though, there are some jerks) and is one of the better balanced servers so I like it a lot. It’s also my favorite PVE East Coast server name.

19. DO YOU LISTEN TO MUSIC WHILE PLAYING: No. While I don’t really play games with sound either, my house is usually so noisy, I prefer quiet. I also really like hearing the dialogue, even though I always read faster than they speak.

20. YOUR FAVORITE CLASS ROLE: A Healer that can hold their own. I love healing, but I also like off-DPSing and off-Tanking and showing just how much I can do when it comes down to it. But healing is always my main focus.

21. ARE YOU IN A GUILD: At the moment… yes 🙂 We joined our first guild in our early level 20’s. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out there with a guild leader who constantly bashed the game and obviously gunning for us for no reason. We ended up getting kicked the day 1.2 came out. We actually received a lot of guild invitations, but accepted the one we had received first as we felt that was the most fair way to go about it. So far, it’s gone great and they’ve helped us a lot (unlike the other guild which never wanted to do anything unless they could benefit from it—progress doesn’t count, just gear was essentially their mindset) and it’s been a lot of fun.

22. WHEN DID YOU START PLAYING: The day early access began. We got in that morning on the first day and my boyfriend and I have been playing ever since. I also got to try the Beta a bit.

23. HOW MANY CHARACTERS DO YOU HAVE: 30 Days of SWTOR: How many characters do you have?

I have 4 currently on the main server I play on (5 if we count a name claim*) and 1 on the Test Server.

Marilea – Human – Sage

Amidaia – Sith – Sorcerer

Cellina – Human – Imperial Agent (to be an Operative)

Aurorra – Cyborg – Bounty Hunter (to be a Mercenary)

Roseria – Twi’lek – Sage **

*I made Miisha as a name for my Twi’lek Smuggler who I want to make once I have the 1.5 million so I can get the pink skin I want for her.

**All characters are or will be healing spec, however, I’ve debated making Roseria DPS spec if she were to ever be able to be transferred to the main server.

I also plan on having a Trooper (who will be a Commando) that will be a pink Zabrak, but I also need 1.5 million to have the color to make her too -_-

24. YOUR FAVORITE OPERATION: Explosive Conflict. It’s so pretty and the boss fights are interesting. I would put Karagga’s as a close second due to being interesting and pretty music.

25. ARE YOU DARK OR LIGHT SIDE: Pretty much Light all the way. I do pick Dark sometimes (On my main, to keep the couple together on Tython), but it is very rare. Most times I picked Dark were when I was getting Marilea down to Dark V to unlock the Speeder and pet (plus codexes) before getting her all the way back to Light V. So much Diplomacy grinding. Also picked some Dark on Roseria as I was just trying to get things done ASAP, so if picking dark was quicker…yeah.

26. FAVORITE GAME MUSIC: The Cantina song played in Karagga’s Palace. Wish I could find an mp3 of that.

27. WHAT DO YOU WAITING FOR IN SWTOR: More pets. And a way to make my Princess Dress super awesome. Besides that, the PVP Koreallis Speeders to be unbound and to be able to buy Legacy stuff. *so poor*

28. YOUR FAVORITE ADVANCE CLASS: Sage. Sorcerer has it’s perks, but I constantly feel like I’m healing with poison due to the color 🙁

1. Better tops for Light armor imperials.
2. Minigames
3. A romanceable companion I like.
4. More solo-based stuff.
5. Friend chat.

30. WHAT IS THE WORSE THING ABOUT SWTOR: I actually think the fact that anything you want that is relatively endgame requires a group is probably one of the worst things. I mean, I’m shy and most people have to keep things open for their guilds (So lock-outs is another thing I think is pretty bad) so… Besides that, some stuff are just super expensive. Removing end-game mods = ridiculous (at least they are supposed to be lowering that) and a lot of the Legacy stuff is more than a bit overpriced.

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