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SWTOR Meme: Make Yourself in Character Creator

So, saw another little thingy going around–Create yourself in Character Creator. Thus, here is “myself” as a Jedi Sage–closest I could get anyway. Complexion was the hardest. I wish Eyebrows and Complexion were separate, honestly.

You may notice she doesn’t look too different from Marilea~

Also, Aurorra’s picture has been edited in the Characters section as I didn’t realize she was in the process of blinking when I took that one until now >>

Various things

With officially finishing The 30 Days of SWTOR meme, I figured I’d make sure to write about some other things.

We did Explosive Conflict today. Got to the final boss, but that was it. However, having beaten the final guy before, I just needed to defeat Mine-guy for the Aratech Fire and codex so yay. Still need to get Minesweeper though. Speaking of Minesweeper, I actually found a glitch with it so hopefully that gets all fixed soon. @-@

We’ll hopefully be doing KP tomorrow and maybe I shall get lucky. Of course, I never seem to get lucky with pet drops :/ Also finally finished my PVP Weekly and Daily so maybe I’ll never have to see them again.

Besides that, we finished Chapter 1 of our Imperial side. We’ll be doing the Nar Shaddaa Bonus Series and then Taris tomorrow (then probably Alderaan’s bonus series). “I’ll have more light than you ever have, and I love.” <-- my favorite imperial quote forever. Unfortunately, the screenshot bugged 🙁