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The Raghoul Pandemic Continues: Teamwork and New Quests?

So, after the initial rush of the event, it was nice to see people working together. Everyone was at the vendor just blowing up, infecting people, and letting the other side kill them when they were feverish in order to halve the time to get more DNA Samples and also to help with the quest that requires you to infect 10 people.

It was nice to just see people talking and working together. Unfortunately, we had a few people who just felt like jerks and tried to kill everyone regardless (More republics tried to kill the imperials which was actually a bit surprising) despite everyone telling them not to. Thankfully, everyone helping was nice and still continued to do so.

I kind of wish we could’ve taken turns with the World Boss and stuff too, but I guess some people really like to be server first *SERVERFIRSTOROKEET/UNUSUALEGGOVERHEREPEOPLE* though, in all seriousness, I didn’t actually get to it to be first on Corellian Run (although, a nice bonus), but just because I love pets and wanted to get it ASAP.

Anyway, the quest still seems to be on today! But what really surprised me was a piece of Escape Pod Depris (X: -793, Y: -1754, Z: 464). It was blue and had a little quest marker above it and I swear that wasn’t there yesterday. Will there be new quests added as it goes on? That is the big question lingering over my head right now. I really dislike repeating things (especially something that is like a Star Wars zombie invasion and dear god do I hate zombies), but I may have to keep checking back. And it makes me wonder if there’s other quests spread around too. Other than the main area quest, all the others are essentially “unlocked”

The Blood Sample quest is only if you get a certain drop while doing the main daily. From there, you get the bonus while taking care of whichever option you pick.

The Infecting quest you only get after you blow up on someone who wasn’t infected.

The Tracking the Origin Quest is just a huge mix of buffs and clickable things to activate the ability to get the quest.

And I highly doubt I’d have missed a glowing piece of debris with a quest marker on it. But it makes me wonder, just how many other quests could there be? Did I really miss something? The new quest DOES seem to give the Containment Officer Gloves, however, to go along with the one quest from yesterday (which is still around). It’s possible it will be a new quest a day (completing the outfit set) and thus, the event may last 5 days. Or maybe a week with all of them at the end? If it really is limited anyway.

In a different note, I really liked saving up to get the Pale Rakling (and being able to work together for people) and the crazy quest with getting the buffs and then hunting for the ship parts for the Crimson Rakling was also a lot of fun. Helped clear my mind off all the random drop pets. Now, if I could just figure out Taunlet and get more info on the Wonderous Egg…

Going back to the event for a second, if you haven’t read the codex entries for the Event (In a handy new “Events” section), it does tell you the story of, well, the Crash of the Stardream. Which, I shall now talk about momentarily.
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New Pet Overview + Feelings and thoughts

Okay, at this point, most of the pets have been figured out, so I figured I’d just do a quick overview post and then explain my thoughts/feelings after because…well, I write a lot, god. XP


1. Taunta – Can be bought from the Collector’s Edition Vendor for 200K
2. Taun Fawn – Gotten from a code from PAX East
3. Ram Tauntaun – Gotten for being an active subscriber.
4. Taunling – Dropped by Gargath
5. Taunlet – Head to X:834, Y:759 on Hoth with the Ice Scrabbler Jerky Buff on (gotten from eating the Jerky). It will lure out Taunlet who you need to use the NVSCSS on to capture them.


1. Orokeet – Hatched from Unusual Egg found on Alderaan.
2. Orosquab – Hatched from Mysterious Egg which is dropped from either the second or final boss (or the first and third if not counting minibosses?) on Hard Mode Lost Island.
3. Orochick – Hatched from Wonderous Egg which either drops from Warlord Kephess (the final boss) on Hard Mode Explosive Conflict OR apparently spawns in a nest in the new operation, Explosive Conflict, after defeating Warlord Kephess. Difficulty unknown. NEITHER CONFIRMED. Both have been said, but at this point, there has been no proof.

All Orobirds are hatched on Tatooine through the same method.

1. Midnight Rakling – Dropped from the bosses on Hard Mode Lost Island.
2. Crimson Rakling – Gotten from completing the “Tracking the Origin” Quest during the Rakghoul Pandemic Event on Tatooine.
3. Pale Rakling – Bought from Jeelvic in the Dune Sea (X:-896, Y:-925) for 60 DNA Samples which you get from completing quests and/or exploding from Raghoul disease during the Rakghoul Pandemic Event on Tatooine.

So far everything except the Orochick has either been confirmed with screenshots and/or multiple confirmations. However, considering the new operation has Orobirds running around and considering how you get the Mysterious egg, I wouldn’t be surprised if it were true.

Now, since I don’t think anyone cares about my thoughts, I shall just say continue reading if you do~
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Adventuring vs. Random Drops vs. Buying vs. Gifts/Codes/Quests

Now, I’m going to say this as simple as possible: I’m quite unlucky in games when it comes to random drops. I will be the person you will be stuck waiting on for every “gather #” quest because they hate my guts. So, for this reason alone, I’m not fond of trying to farm enemies to try and get a random drop. To me, that is as bad as a grind and more often than not, you can only fight those enemies a certain amount of times a day/week.

So, I really hate that the only way to get the M0GUL-Thrall Droid is to get lucky (as it’s a rare drop) from Karagga’s even though he sends gold bomb droids to blow up in your face like every 5 seconds.

And that apparently the Mysterious Egg is dropped from a boss only on one difficulty and who knows the drop rate.

I really dislike that.

I like exploring. And adventuring. And really prefer any other method than to have to try and farm things to get lucky.

I think the way it was made to find the Unusual Egg was REALLY awesome. I was all for finding the Mysterious and Wonderous eggs the same way. And now? They might not exist like that. I’d like to hope maybe they’re available both ways, but there is no confirmation and BioWare is trying to be as vague as possible–which I don’t blame them for, afterall, you don’t want to just give everything away and ruin the adventure for the players, but just some confirmation so people aren’t all over the world or constantly killing things to let them know that way doesn’t work.

I don’t mind buying pets–in fact, that was how pretty much every single one, with the exception of the M0GUL-Thrall Droid was obtained, so I am glad they were trying to make things more interesting. To this moment, my journey to get my Magenta Lightsaber crystal was my FAVORITE thing thus far. I enjoyed it so much.

Getting them as Gifts and Codes works too. I have mixed feelings on them (as not everyone can get everywhere so thn you’re kind of stuck with Ebay for ridiculous prices), but I still prefer them to random drops.

However, if they were Quest rewards or GUARANTEED that when you killed Karagga or that boss, the droid/egg would be dropped, fine! I’m good with that. Of course, then it’d be too “common”….but is that ever really such a bad thing? There’s so many pets–it’s not like everyone will be using that one in the first place.

But most of all, this forces people who may not like to do operations or flashpoints or things like that (maybe being more of a solo player) into having to do them if they want all the pets while something like Exploration does not.