New Pet Overview + Feelings and thoughts

Okay, at this point, most of the pets have been figured out, so I figured I’d just do a quick overview post and then explain my thoughts/feelings after because…well, I write a lot, god. XP


1. Taunta – Can be bought from the Collector’s Edition Vendor for 200K
2. Taun Fawn – Gotten from a code from PAX East
3. Ram Tauntaun – Gotten for being an active subscriber.
4. Taunling – Dropped by Gargath
5. Taunlet – Head to X:834, Y:759 on Hoth with the Ice Scrabbler Jerky Buff on (gotten from eating the Jerky). It will lure out Taunlet who you need to use the NVSCSS on to capture them.


1. Orokeet – Hatched from Unusual Egg found on Alderaan.
2. Orosquab – Hatched from Mysterious Egg which is dropped from either the second or final boss (or the first and third if not counting minibosses?) on Hard Mode Lost Island.
3. Orochick – Hatched from Wonderous Egg which either drops from Warlord Kephess (the final boss) on Hard Mode Explosive Conflict OR apparently spawns in a nest in the new operation, Explosive Conflict, after defeating Warlord Kephess. Difficulty unknown. NEITHER CONFIRMED. Both have been said, but at this point, there has been no proof.

All Orobirds are hatched on Tatooine through the same method.

1. Midnight Rakling – Dropped from the bosses on Hard Mode Lost Island.
2. Crimson Rakling – Gotten from completing the “Tracking the Origin” Quest during the Rakghoul Pandemic Event on Tatooine.
3. Pale Rakling – Bought from Jeelvic in the Dune Sea (X:-896, Y:-925) for 60 DNA Samples which you get from completing quests and/or exploding from Raghoul disease during the Rakghoul Pandemic Event on Tatooine.

So far everything except the Orochick has either been confirmed with screenshots and/or multiple confirmations. However, considering the new operation has Orobirds running around and considering how you get the Mysterious egg, I wouldn’t be surprised if it were true.

Now, since I don’t think anyone cares about my thoughts, I shall just say continue reading if you do~

This is why I had hoped to get the M0GUL-Thrall Droid from Karagga before 1.2. Out of everything I wanted to do, that was the most important and I didn’t get to because our old guild refused to do him before Target of Target among other stupid reasons I don’t want to go into. Not to mention most other places by now being so into the game, they have their teams. You could maybe help out if they are short on someone, but it doesn’t happen often and if someone does suddenly appear, you will be kicked. That’s just how it is. I don’t blame anyone, maybe I should’ve just found a guild that cared more about progress and less about constantly gearing the same people every. single. time.

I really hate having it linger over my head “Look at all these pets you need to get. And don’t forget the one you still didn’t acquire before!” It’s such a sucky feeling. To feel like you didn’t complete something and weren’t ready to go.

But what really gets me? The fact that I really can’t do any of it on my own. I HAVE to find people to help and I feel so bad asking people to help me, especially for something like this. They don’t get anything out of it. At this point, experience isn’t a big deal (and this kind of experience won’t really contribute to your Legacy). And well, sure, they’d get something out of an Operation and maybe the flashpoint, but it’s a chance they will and considering those have lockouts, the last thing they’ll want to do is do it with some random pick-up group, afterall, they will usually have a guild and want to do it with them.

And finding a group for a world boss? Incredibly Hard. Because for all you know, while making a team and getting it together and getting people over here, you’ll suddenly be run over by a 20+ party who will kill the boss in 2 minutes T__T (because being there first means nothing)

So there’s just not much I can do and that’s such a sucky feeling. Not to mention getting used to the healing changes (see below post) is also a lot to get used to–and who would want someone with such sucky healing capability right now in the first place? 🙁

3 thoughts on “New Pet Overview + Feelings and thoughts

  1. The thing that gets me most is when the pets actually drop, people who don’t really want them (or didn’t even know they dropped in the first place) win the rolls. I can’t wait for if/when boss loot becomes tradeable! Then at least I can bribe people 😛

    Can you not get into your own guild’s KP run, or organise one yourself? People will still need to kill the bosses for their speeder achievements, even if the loot is no longer useful!


    • Yeah. A lot of people need on something because they just don’t have it, but do not actually want them. That drives me insane. I mean, I like collecting everything too, but I have no issue letting someone who REALLY likes the vehicles get it over me because I collect them more to just collect them. I adore pets and constantly have one out (I switch which one I use everytime I close the game, it crashes, I switch characters, or I die (not counting PVP) so it drives me crazy when I see someone get it who is just doing so to collect them all. But yeah, I wish not all pets were bind on pickup. I mean, there’s a pet tab in the trade network thingy! And you can’t even sell anything there!

      I’m not in a guild ATM (drama, hypocritical stupid drama) and I’ve tried organizing it, but it’s near impossible to find enough of a pick-up group to bring along. I’ve only actually completed Karagga’s once when a nice guild let me come along (and will probably be the one I will be joining–but obviously, they have their own raid groups all set up so unless more people joined, there’d be no spot for us there except for fill-ins. I’m okay with that though) and it sadly didn’t drop so yeah 🙁 But regardless, if people need to go, they are going to look for a guild and most people not in a guild just don’t care about those things on my servers. The majority of people on Corellian Run are nice, but it’s very guild-set when it comes down to the endgame content (or people not in a guild tend to just not care).


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