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Adventuring vs. Random Drops vs. Buying vs. Gifts/Codes/Quests

Now, I’m going to say this as simple as possible: I’m quite unlucky in games when it comes to random drops. I will be the person you will be stuck waiting on for every “gather #” quest because they hate my guts. So, for this reason alone, I’m not fond of trying to farm enemies to try and get a random drop. To me, that is as bad as a grind and more often than not, you can only fight those enemies a certain amount of times a day/week.

So, I really hate that the only way to get the M0GUL-Thrall Droid is to get lucky (as it’s a rare drop) from Karagga’s even though he sends gold bomb droids to blow up in your face like every 5 seconds.

And that apparently the Mysterious Egg is dropped from a boss only on one difficulty and who knows the drop rate.

I really dislike that.

I like exploring. And adventuring. And really prefer any other method than to have to try and farm things to get lucky.

I think the way it was made to find the Unusual Egg was REALLY awesome. I was all for finding the Mysterious and Wonderous eggs the same way. And now? They might not exist like that. I’d like to hope maybe they’re available both ways, but there is no confirmation and BioWare is trying to be as vague as possible–which I don’t blame them for, afterall, you don’t want to just give everything away and ruin the adventure for the players, but just some confirmation so people aren’t all over the world or constantly killing things to let them know that way doesn’t work.

I don’t mind buying pets–in fact, that was how pretty much every single one, with the exception of the M0GUL-Thrall Droid was obtained, so I am glad they were trying to make things more interesting. To this moment, my journey to get my Magenta Lightsaber crystal was my FAVORITE thing thus far. I enjoyed it so much.

Getting them as Gifts and Codes works too. I have mixed feelings on them (as not everyone can get everywhere so thn you’re kind of stuck with Ebay for ridiculous prices), but I still prefer them to random drops.

However, if they were Quest rewards or GUARANTEED that when you killed Karagga or that boss, the droid/egg would be dropped, fine! I’m good with that. Of course, then it’d be too “common”….but is that ever really such a bad thing? There’s so many pets–it’s not like everyone will be using that one in the first place.

But most of all, this forces people who may not like to do operations or flashpoints or things like that (maybe being more of a solo player) into having to do them if they want all the pets while something like Exploration does not.