The Raghoul Pandemic Continues: Teamwork and New Quests?

So, after the initial rush of the event, it was nice to see people working together. Everyone was at the vendor just blowing up, infecting people, and letting the other side kill them when they were feverish in order to halve the time to get more DNA Samples and also to help with the quest that requires you to infect 10 people.

It was nice to just see people talking and working together. Unfortunately, we had a few people who just felt like jerks and tried to kill everyone regardless (More republics tried to kill the imperials which was actually a bit surprising) despite everyone telling them not to. Thankfully, everyone helping was nice and still continued to do so.

I kind of wish we could’ve taken turns with the World Boss and stuff too, but I guess some people really like to be server first *SERVERFIRSTOROKEET/UNUSUALEGGOVERHEREPEOPLE* though, in all seriousness, I didn’t actually get to it to be first on Corellian Run (although, a nice bonus), but just because I love pets and wanted to get it ASAP.

Anyway, the quest still seems to be on today! But what really surprised me was a piece of Escape Pod Depris (X: -793, Y: -1754, Z: 464). It was blue and had a little quest marker above it and I swear that wasn’t there yesterday. Will there be new quests added as it goes on? That is the big question lingering over my head right now. I really dislike repeating things (especially something that is like a Star Wars zombie invasion and dear god do I hate zombies), but I may have to keep checking back. And it makes me wonder if there’s other quests spread around too. Other than the main area quest, all the others are essentially “unlocked”

The Blood Sample quest is only if you get a certain drop while doing the main daily. From there, you get the bonus while taking care of whichever option you pick.

The Infecting quest you only get after you blow up on someone who wasn’t infected.

The Tracking the Origin Quest is just a huge mix of buffs and clickable things to activate the ability to get the quest.

And I highly doubt I’d have missed a glowing piece of debris with a quest marker on it. But it makes me wonder, just how many other quests could there be? Did I really miss something? The new quest DOES seem to give the Containment Officer Gloves, however, to go along with the one quest from yesterday (which is still around). It’s possible it will be a new quest a day (completing the outfit set) and thus, the event may last 5 days. Or maybe a week with all of them at the end? If it really is limited anyway.

In a different note, I really liked saving up to get the Pale Rakling (and being able to work together for people) and the crazy quest with getting the buffs and then hunting for the ship parts for the Crimson Rakling was also a lot of fun. Helped clear my mind off all the random drop pets. Now, if I could just figure out Taunlet and get more info on the Wonderous Egg…

Going back to the event for a second, if you haven’t read the codex entries for the Event (In a handy new “Events” section), it does tell you the story of, well, the Crash of the Stardream. Which, I shall now talk about momentarily.

It’s a sad story. Very sad really. It starts out with a very large ship leaving from Ord Mantell. On the 5th day, people have gotten sick with the first symptoms, but it’s thought as food poisoning. On the 7th Day, it gets to the dangerous point of being feverish and starting to transform. The decks are being quarantined and at this point, it’s obviously not food poisoning. Day 9, it infects the captain (and this gets even more sad in the 2nd part you get to here) while the passengers get sicker and i begins to effect the crew. Obviously a giant fight breaks out which causes the crash and it’s too late for any of them to recover, sadly.

But if you felt bad enough then, it’ll be worse when you read Captain Magnus’ log which tells things from his point of view. Like talking to his daughter (I totally want a stuffed Orokeet plushie. Seriously. Can it be like my new offhand and she can fight with it and a lightsaber?) and his wife. He mentions how he’s gotten sick and he’s pretty sure he knows the symptoms from Taris. He KNOWS what’s happening. And can’t do anything. He’s slowly starting to lose it as he tells his wife they’re trying to control it before completely losing it and telling his daughter as he slowly begins to lose the last of his human conscience. It’s just incredibly sad he couldn’t do anything, especially as he knew what was happening.

From there, you see how it has effected Tatooine. How the Sand People have been infected and how their Shaman went to find a cure. He, unfortunately, failed, but did manage to at least cure his Bantha…if only temporarily.

You then get to learn about how it started. Zama Brak is an idiot who fell for Doctor Lorrick’s tricks and is the one who brought the risp (The little red Rakling it seems) onto the board to infect everyone. He obviously gets hit with it first as does everyone else slowly, as Doctor Lorrick continues his sick, twisted, plan.

Even the World Bosses, to some extent, are connected. Trapjaw, the Tatooine World Boss, is now an infected version of himself, to show just how far it’s gotten. The Bantha is most likely the Shaman’s Bantha, who it seems could not stay recovered. And Zama Brak (the Salacc Pit World Boss) is the fully transformed version of the moron who fell for Doctor Lorrick’s scheme. What are you going to do with that money now, idiot?

It’s just depressing that nobody could be saved. I think a Taris doctor needs to constantly be mixed in with the normal doctors. Seriously.

Stupid Doctor Lorrick 🙁 So want to kick his butt in the new flashpoint now.

3 thoughts on “The Raghoul Pandemic Continues: Teamwork and New Quests?

  1. It’s a very strange event, since a lot of it seems to consist of people huddling together on the fleets. XD Having to fight both the world bosses and the rival ops groups is a pain, though.. and I actually love pvp.

    I did very much enjoy the Rakling quests… I hate it when pets are just random drops. 😛


    • That’s usually a mixture of what people were doing at the vendor on Tatooine. XD Just trying to earn DNA thingys and get their quest done. The exploding really freaks me out, so I’m not too fond of it (though, I did do it to get myself a pet and to help my boyfriend get a pet and a crystal). But yeah, that is a huuuge pain @-@ We had such an issue. Thankfully, it seems to have cleared up a bit since then, but yesterday was just pure insanity. I really don’t care much for PVP, but I do have fun with the warzones sometimes. @-@ I’ll get my valor to 100 one day.

      Nice to see I’m not alone, at least 😛


  2. Things are still crazy over on Sith Meditation Sphere. The ops group I was in and this Republic ops group were in competition over every boss. >_<;; What a pain… It got to where the ops group that hadn't aggroed the boss would be attacking the ones that had in a struggle to get the boss for their side… which I thought was kinda fun… except that one ops group would be bigger than the other, naturally. DX

    But yeah, events come with chaos. At least you can get rich off trading DNA. XD


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