A Treasure Hunt

When the only stuff you need can be gotten from HM EC raids (which you’re not a part of) or Nightmare Pilgrim (who can only be done every 5 days as it is), you get to a point where you become a bit stuck. If only because people keep making rumors from the Wonderous/Wondrous Egg, you can’t level alts until someone is feeling better, and you are waiting for Customer Service to respond back about your Zabrak problem is besides the point.

There may not be a prize (or at least not for you), but sometimes the experience and adventure of something is more than enough–and if there’s one thing I really do enjoy in this game…it’s exploring. So, when I stumbled upon a certain topic by certain people I happen to know and saw a little Treasure Hunt for a prize, I was excited to try as well. It didn’t matter that it was over. It didn’t matter that the prize had been won. Just the little bit of adventure was enough for me.

So, here are the lovely 3 places that needed to be found:

Thank you for the fun~

(as for why the Hoth one is such low quality… My screenshot button was failing so I had to record it)

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