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Due to a…depressing conversation, it came to the conclusion that you can get about 1K Ranked Commendations if you do all your dailies and your weekly each week. Technically a bit more as you’d also get 1K normal commendations (+50 on average per Warzone) and you can trade them in for Ranked…but if you do not do that, it would be about 1-3 weeks to get things.

And…one match of PVP practically breaks me. That much PVP? I think I’d go insane. I can barely do normal dailies.

So, in the meantime, I decided to make a detailed PVP list for whatever I would need:
War Hero Force-Mystic’s Cuffs (1,250 Ranked Commendations + Battle Master Cuffs (550 WC))
War Hero Force-Mystic’s Sash (1,425 Ranked Commendations + Battle Master Sash (625 WC))
Elite War Hero Force-Mystic’s Focus (3,475 Ranked Commendations + War Hero Force-Mystic’s Focus (3,475 Ranked Commendations + Battle Master Force-Master Focus (1,550 WC))
War Hero Force-healer’s MK-1 Relay (1,425 RC + 200 WC)
War Hero Force-healer’s MK-1 System (1,425 RC + 200 WC)
War Hero Force-Master’s Headgear (2,425 RC + Battle Master Hat)
War Hero Force-Mystic’s Boots (2,000 RC + Battle Master Boots)
War Hero Force-Mystic’s Gloves (2,000 RC + Battle Master Gloves)
War Hero Force-Mystic’s Robe (3,200 RC + Battle Master Robe)
War Hero Force-Mystic’s Lower Robe (2,225 RC + Battle Master Bottoms)

Commendation totals: 20,750 RC + 3,125 WC (not counting a Lightsaber)
(eventually I got tired typing it all out so RC = Ranked Commendations and WC = Warzone Commendations)

So, that’ll be like… 5 months or so. …fun 😐

Not to mention the fact that I still need the Consular’s Exalted Boots and Gloves…. v-v Which is 300K. Then, switching War Hero stuff into my Hat, Boots, Gloves, Top, and Bottom… Which is 90K per item x5 which is 450K. Then, adding augments to 12 items (already have in my top and bottom)… 30K x12 = 360K. Not to mention getting those 12 augments. I mean, yes, I can make them, but I need more of those slicing things first :/ Which are super expensive. Regardless, we are already up to 1,110,000 credits.

Lightsaber will be last (if I do so at all) until they add a Magenta Expertise crystal :/ (For the record though, it costs 3,475 RC + Battle Master Lightsaber (1,550 WC) so that’s 24,225 RC + 4,675 WC)

Edit: And considering how much it bothers me when I get killed in PVP (especially by someone I know), it makes it that much harder to want to bother. ._.

6 thoughts on “PVP Discussion

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  2. I’m a big fan of collecting, but why go out of your way to collect items that are probably going to be outdated before you even acquire it all for something you don’t really enjoy doing? You will absolutely burn yourself out on the game if you try this every time a new gear set comes out.

    I know you want Valor 100, so go for valor 100, and just acquire the gear as you go. Set yourself goals of Valor levels (something that you will keep) instead of gear that’s going to be in the bargain bin in a few months time.


    • I’m not really going to focus on them, but may as well spend the commendations on something due to the low caps. But yeah, I’ll essentially be trying for Valor 100 more or less. Just decided to calculate how much I’d need.

      Main reason I’ve even looking into it is my Expertise isn’t high enough to ever be wanted in Ranked Teams and I need a pretty high Ranked Rating if I ever want that speeder :/


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