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So, I received answers to my full codex ticket today 🙂 And now pretty much all my glitched codexes have been fixed. They only ones that could not be fixed are the PVP ones as apparently they just can’t fix achievement-based ones but they’d look into the issue and The History of Tatooine which due to how it’s gotten apparently couldn’t be confirmed if I did it or not. It’s understandable though.

But yeah, he let me know if it was Imperial only or a different class only and everything got worked out.

Waiting to hear back on the Zabrak issue and staying hopeful as despite no downtime tonight, the vendor will still be leaving at 3AM EST. Shall edit this if I have any updates.

Edit: So, this has turned out to be quite a more serious predicament than expected! Right now, I have to stay logged out for 10 minutes while they do some serious testing.

I explain the issue to them and they tell me it is working as it is supposed to. I’m confused as I swear I’ve seen Imperial colored Jedi. I wonder if maybe I’m just crazy, but I’m just pretty sure. So, we continue talking and they tested it twice buying the perk and didn’t get the option so they believe this is just how it is and they said they can give me the 1.5 million back.

So, I ask in General Chat if anyone has unlocked the Zabrak race and made an Imperial colored Republic character. A nice person named Rishy tells me they have and I excitedly confirm with them and they tell me where to meet them so they can switch. So, they log into Derpina who is a red Zabrak Jedi Sage. I show Customer Support and now they are trying to figure this out. It seems, for whatever reason, you only get all the options if you unlock it through a level 50 character over buying it which isn’t how it is supposed to work. They leveled a Sentinel so as expected, it doesn’t have to be a specific faction to unlock. It’s just supposed to unlock both sides regardless.

Hopefully they can just flip some kind of switch in my account for me and then just work on the bug as I’d really love to make my Trooper tonight. Anyway, just 2 minutes to go until I can log back in! Going to try and stay hopeful 🙂 At the very least, this proves I’m not crazy!

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  1. Hey, just wondering if you know of a good resource for knowing which codexes you should have as a particular class? And which ones everyone can get? I’ve had a hard time finding actual categories for them and notes about which are unobtainable and so on. I did find a list of titles (my main concern) on the official forums but it was very outdated.


    • Hiya 🙂 Swtor-spy has one of the best collections, in my opinion. Some of them aren’t clear (which is partially due to them being counted in the codex itself), but it is what I used and was really helpful. You can also look on the forum for a list of glitched codexes which need to be contacting customer support about.

      What I haven’t gotten a chance to ask is why we could get the codex for…umm..darn it, which is it. *looks up site* I believe it is Hero of Gorinth Canyon. You get the title…but the codex itself was apparently removed? I really need to double check with that.


      • I got Hero of Gorinth Canyon quite recently and got both codex + title. Only title not in my codex is Unyielding which CS confirmed is by-design. I don’t have Infernal yet but I assume it’s the same. I will probably post a suggestion that they add codexes for them.


        • Just noticed I do have it–they must have given it to me with the others and I just didn’t notice XD

          Yeah, for some reason for both timed titles, you just get a codex in Epic Enemies saying you finished within 2 hours instead.


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