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Malgus’ New Power

So, apparently, Darth Malgus can bring people back from the dead.

More or less, I was helping Duhtect with his random HM Flashpoint and Mar-gon came along too 😀 So, we just needed a tank and we got a pop right away, but that tank never accepted… second pop and we went and it began!

unfortunately, our tank wasn’t too great. Mar-gon and Duhtect were constantly taking aggro and even I took it once or twice. Regardless, he tried really hard!

Anyway, we got to Darth Malgus and I asked if we were doing the pillars or stairs strategy. He says pillars so I headed over and got myself situated…only for our tank to be pushed off the bridge to his death 😐

We get the *NAME* HAS BEEN DEFEATED message and figure we can just try and 3-man it or something since Duhtect was on his Vanguard….when suddenly, the tank reappears. It was his turn first for the whole “face Malgus alone” junk and it RESURRECTED HIM FROM THE DEAD.

You learn something new everyday.

Interesting Changes and Other News

So today, I did… *gasp* Dailies. Yep. Why, you ask? Because I wanted to get the relic/matrix cube I am hoping to use an Augment Kit on. I am now only 10 short so doing Corellia and then a little of Ilum should give me what I need. What surprised me though was that they changed the evil Daily flashpoint on Belsavis. It is DOABLE now. And it’s so much nicer. It almost made it fun and less like a chore. …regardless, I still hate dailies.

Besides that, I managed to get the speeder from HM False Emperor so yay~

Unfortunately, still no pet luck. Gargath is up, but I doubt I’ll find a group at this time 🙁

Anyway, I’m not sure what I will be doing later besides doing Corellia and some of Ilum. I do know, however, that before I log off, I will be signing out next to the PVP Item Vendor.

I’ll probably stalk Gargath some more, maybe do some Lost Island…and hopefully find a group of people who wouldn’t mind finishing up HM Karagga with me (from Fabricator onward)… and also hopefully people in whichever groups those are won’t mind passing on the pet 🙁 but something tells me that’ll be the hardest part.