Cartel Coin-ness @-@

Got an e-mail with this at the top:

We appreciate your support of Star Wars™: The Old Republic™. As a thank you for your loyalty to The Old Republic™, we have granted you 100.

…I hope that’s in addition to the amount I’m supposed to get according to the ledger @-@

but yes, back to stalking and hoping it is up soon!

Edit: Yeah, they messed up the e-mails according to their twitter 😛 Regardless, you should receive the correct amount.

Edit 2: I’ve received 4 of these e-mails now @-@

6 thoughts on “Cartel Coin-ness @-@

    • Yeah, I saw 🙁 Really sucks they had to.

      Regardless, going to keep tracking as I’ve seen them extend maintenance and finish on time and finish early before (although, it’s obviously going to be late now…) so the delay could even just be a few minutes despite the “no ETA”


      • Yeah, it’s getting kind of old though. I’m probably just going to file a ticket, bitch about the servers always being offline, and get a free month though \o/


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