Yay for servers being up~

Shall be streaming shortly 😀

Unfortunately, after buying speeder and pet plus 2 tops, I have only about 1.5K to spend on boxes 🙁 *sadness* And it seems purchasing Cartel Coins is not up yet… :/ *got 4 boxes*


BOX 1:
Energy Blade Bayonet
Black Nebula Heavy Blaster
Covert Torso Energy Armor
Smart Cells
Major Experience Boost

BOX 2:
Rendili Nightshade
Elegant Loungewear Top
Minor Experience Boost
Subelectronic Data Module
Gourmet Ration Pack

tired or writing non-Cartel items so ignoring boosts and junk now:
BOX 3:
Longspur Elite
Elegant Loungewear Top

and bought 10 dollars worth of Cartel Coins for a few more boxes… but they’re not showing up yet so…

Golden Lizardbat
Advanced Pink-Purple Eviscerating Crystal

Yay for 4. And shall end until my cartel coins update and I get more boxes.

Regardless, I feel super unlucky now 🙁 Time to update things.

EDIT: COINS HERE. Time for 3 more boxes:
Box 5:
Slate Mouse Horranth
Glowing Eyes – Gold

Box 6:
Glowing Eyes – Gold
Elegant Loungewear Bottoms

Box 7:
Elegant Loungewear Top
Darth Malgus Holostatue

3 thoughts on “Yay for servers being up~

  1. I assume you got your HK part? I just logged in and was at 10% health when the load finished. Pile of imps camping the vendor.


      • I just managed to get it, waited around until there were enough reps to form and ops group and push the imps out 😛 left just as they were doing the same to us.

        Your packs don’t look too bad so far, based on what I’m interested in at least. Holding my coins for the moment though, not sure how I want to proceed XD


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