Ranked Warzones

I will be honest in the fact that I really don’t understand or know much about ranked Warzones. I do know they are essentially Warzones for 8 people put up against another 8. However, the “ranking” doesn’t seem to work too well yet as a lot of people who have yet to be ranked are being put up against teams that are ranked already and pretty high too which means you won’t really start out with anything good…which already sucks.

Having looked through some stats, you’d probably have to win quite a bit. As in like over 50-100 times and your losses would have to be pretty low. And eventually, no matter what, you will get paired against the good teams (unless you try to look them up ahead of time) and get completely obliterated. And even if you do get that high by luck of getting teams worse than you, there will always eventually be new people actually good at PVP who will also kick your butt.

Now, I’m very big on fairness. I hate exclusivity unless there is another way for someone to be able to get it. And it finally dawned on me that one of the speeders (while I mentioned they aren’t priority, I do still want them all eventually) requires 2200 Ranked Warzone Rating. I believe the highest is 2400 and that’s 2200 is what you need for the Rated stuff. So I have no clue how I’m going to get that, if ever. Not to mention that means those who are that high will continue to slaughter you with their fancy new gear.

And I’m essentially stressing as:
1. If they’re doing that with the speeder, then what? What happens if pets are also done like that? and I’m essentially freaking out.
2. They get reset every season. While this has it’s pros (not to mention, you could quickly try to get your ranked up early on), that also increases the chance of just general craziness when it does reset. Especially as Season 1 is supposed to start some of the official rankings which…I just hope, if they do prizes for that, it’s just recognition and/or credits. Because special pets or mounts for the highest in PVP will make me cry.

The thing is, people PVP because they enjoy it. Similarly, people PVE because they enjoy it. Forcing someone do one or the other really sucks. I wasn’t too fond of the giant Bantha world boss in the PVP zone because of how crazy it was, though, it was still fun, but I’d be lying if I said I wanted to have that happen again anytime soon.

I personally find Expertise a stupid stat. I know why it exists, but I still think, if they really did the whole “YOU CAN LEVEL YOUR WAY”, that it seems silly to force people to do the other to get gear for something else. And since there’s codexes and things to collect involved, if you do want to collect them all, you will have to suffer through both. And I believe I mentioned before how I wish PVP could have no kills and just stuns/push backs and solely focus on Objectives. I get that people would be all “IT’S NOT FAIR AS PVPERS CAN GET THEIR GEAR FASTER” but if they prefer to PVP, would they really be doing much PVE? Similarly

or at the very least, make it tradeable/sellable. Honestly, the amount of stuff bound in this game can be infuriating. I have seen many people roll on things accidentally and try to give them to the other person as have I seen people who have gotten the pet and/or mount drops and do not care for it and/or everyone already has it or etc. and do not want it in any case whatsoever.

And I’m still stuck with 3 Sorveigns in the bank.

But yes, I’m paranoid and stressing out and while I think Ranked Warzones are a great addition for people who really want more competition in their warzones, I wish there weren’t so many special things tied to it. I mean, they could’ve even just made the gear orange rather than having increased stats for those same people to further annihilate you. And if you’re a person who enjoys PVP, you’d want to do the Ranked anyway probably. I just don’t like feeling forced to. For now, I just need to try and stop thinking about it…but that speeder is going to haunt me :/

On the bright side, at least I finally got a Advanced Resolve Armoring 25. …now I just need to upgrade everything to 26. 🙁

(oh, and btw, asking if a Sage is a Tank is really silly 🙁 you can see what class someone is!)

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