So many feelings

With getting my Midnight Rakling finally, I’ve been a little confused on what to do. I technically only have 2 confirmed pets left–one which is still just a giant rumor (which people unfortunately keep circulating :/) while the other…well, Karagga’s Palace only can be done twice a week (once on Nightmare/Hard and once on Normal aka Story). I will probably try and queue up in ground finder later today if our guild doesn’t decide to do it for fun or something. Main worry here is I’d rather not compete with people for it. It’s just been too long and I’m so close.

With the Wonderous/Wondrous Egg, I decided to explore Explosive Conflict some more. However, it can be a bit boring 🙁 Would be a lot more fun if I had someone to explore with, but regardless I will probably explore a bit more tomorrow as I only managed to explore about half way.

But yes, I just wish the rumors could finally end and maybe the egg could be figured out. I really hate false information :/

Also may try and explore Taris again to find nests…. but I just seem to be so bad at doing so ._.

On a different note, Marilea is apparently an actual name and a form of Marilee (and can be pronounced like Marilee or lee-uh at the end instead). It also can mean Star of the Sea in Latin…for names anyway.

…To think, I came up with a name randomly that turned out to be a name afterall. Well, that works I suppose.

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