I got invited into a Ranked Warzone team today 😀 My ranking was 1094 and now it is 1111! Yay! …I know that isn’t much and it will be a long journey to 2200 for the speeder but yay for progress!

And I also officially have everything for my offhand come 1.4 so double-yay!

5 thoughts on “RANKING ACHIEVED!

    • It varies on how well you do, how the match goes, and how you usually do. Kind of like Wii Sports’ ranking system. So really annoying 😐


      • Blaugh. So it takes a while to get there then. Does your team have to win constantly or is there more room for error?


        • Yeah… :/ And not exactly. It heavily is based on how you do so as long as you do how you normally do and aren’t lazy, you may still get some points even if you lose. If it is an easy team, however, you really need to do really well to get much.


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