So, to my surprise, I got dragged into a Ranked PVP group! One of the top PVP groups on our server no less. They were…versing another group in their guild so that was interesting. Of course, then certain friends of mine also queued and just fsa’fa’;lsfal’as so much craziness. Got to do 2 matches though. Just…2 more to go and I can see my rating!

But yes, I appreciate them bringing me :3 Makes me feel like less of a loser~ I just wish I was better 🙁

Edit: So, we were going to do 2 more… but then my laptop decided for the game to completely lag out after I accepted so I had a giant loading screen at the top of Civil War and it kicked me due to it lagging out and there are no words for how depressed I am 🙁 this was the last they were going to do tonight too.

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  1. I don’t feel like finding the blog post about it, but your pet guide made it into the community round-up dev blog post, congrats.


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